Supplier Management

Companies concentrate on their core competencies and outsource particular parts of the value-creation chain to suppliers. In supplier management, the primary concern is designing and enhancing potential and/or existing supplier relationships. A stable supplier relationship distinguishes itself through constancy, performance, and readiness to deliver in order to guarantee long-term supply and delivery reliability, minimize procurement costs, and optimize procurement processes. valantic has been advising companies for more than 30 years as to how they can establish professional supplier management with state-of-the-art supply chain management solutions.


Bild von Ingo Hauptmann, Segmentleiter Lieferantenmanagement bei valantic Supply Chain Excellence, daneben ein iPad sowie Autoteile in einem Lager, im Hintergrund ein Industriehafen mit Containern
Supplier management: 5 Questions for the Logistics Hero Ingo Hauptmann

Ingo Hauptmann is one of the 2020 logistics heroes of the initiative “Die Wirtschaftsmacher”. This SCM specialist explains how he optimizes his customers’ supplier management in the interview.