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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management, or CRM for short, refers to the consistent orientation of a company toward its customers and the systematic design of customer relationship processes. The associated documentation and management of customer relationships enables deeper relationship marketing. In many industries, relationships between companies and customers are aimed at the long term. With CRM, these customer relationships are maintained, which can have a significant effect on the company’s success. valantic has many years’ experience in the strategic consulting and implementation of CRM projects.


Image of Fabian Littau, valantic CEC Germany; How a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can support sales success
Help, we’re running after the wrong sales opportunities!

If you ask the sales department, there is always too much to do and never too little. The opportunities are there, so the store should be buzzing. But it's not? Then it’s high time to see if the sales team is really pursuing the right sales opportunities. The linchpin should be the CRM system.

Picture of Fabian Littau, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Help, my sales team doesn’t use CRM!

Just because you have a CRM system doesn't mean that it will be used and increase sales. How do you make sure that everyone uses the CRM system?

Bild von Personen im Gespräch, daneben ein Laptop und ein Tablet, Customer Experience (CX)
The path to a holistic customer experience (CX)

If you want to be successful as a company, you have to offer your customers a holistic customer experience. More than ever, an all-encompassing CX is a driving factor behind every purchase decision. How do you achieve that? Find out now!

Bild von Thomas Wieberneit, Managing Consultant bei valantic Customer Engagement & Commerce
“Systems will adjust to people, not the other way around”

Thomas Wieberneit is a CRM practitioner of many years. At valantic he is responsible for the topics sales, marketing, service, collaboration, customer loyalty and customer experience. In an interview, he reveals how he sees the future of digital customer experience and which trends companies should prepare for.

Bild von Sabine Naumann, Solution Architect bei valantic CEC in Mannheim
What is SAP S/4HANA Customer Management and what distinguishes this solution?

SAP has a lot of Customer Relationship Management solutions in its portfolio. Very traditional SAP CRM on-premise or the cloud-based SAP C/4HANA. We will show you another alternative with SAP S/4HANA OP: Customer Management.

Bild einer Laptop-Tastatur, einer Frau, die vor einem Whiteboard mit bunten Post-Its steht, sowie die Zeichnung einer Projektplanung, Bild zum Blogbeitrag für ein erfolgreiches Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
5 tips for making a CRM project successful

Many projects in Customer Relationship Management fail. This doesn’t have to happen: Here are 5 tips for how you can guarantee that your CRM project will be successful.

Image of Prof. Dr. Martin Selchert, HLG Ludwigshafen, sales of the future, b2b
Sales of the Future: Prof. Dr. Martin Selchert about Digitalization in B2B Sales

We spoke with Prof. Dr. Martin Selchert about success strategies for digitalization in B2B sales and what companies can do now.

Bild eines Handys, einer lachenden Frau, sowie einer Lagerhalle, valantic Customer Relationship Management
Why CRM is no longer enough today

With digitalization, the customer journey is being transformed, from analog to digital. What effects will this have on the customer relationships of tomorrow?

Picture of wine bottles in a wine rack, a mobile phone on which an online shop is displayed and two people in a consultation, valantic Customer Experience (CX)
News@SAP Customer Experience

In Orlando, SAP announced that with the introduction of the SAP C/4HANA Suite, it will revolutionize CRM. CRM will become CX (Customer Experience) and the focus will be more clearly on the customer.

Image of Thomas Wieberneit, Managing Consultant at valantic Customer Engagement & Commerce
valantic employee among the top 20 CRM experts

valantic employee Thomas Wieberneit listed as top CRM expert.