Diversity as a recipe for success: foreign professionals at valantic

Kathrin Schaaf

February 27, 2024

Martina und Shahin, valantic

Hello Shahin and Martina, thank you for taking the time for this interview. Let’s get started: How important are foreign specialists for valantic?

Shahin: Foreign professionals play a crucial role for valantic. They bring new perspectives and valuable expertise to our company. Their presence not only strengthens our teams, but also our ability to succeed on a global scale.

Martina: Absolutely! The diversity of experiences and cultures enriches our work environment and promotes innovation and creativity. That’s why we place great emphasis on attracting and integrating talent from different countries.

That sounds like an important aspect for valantic. How do you integrate foreign specialists at valantic?

Shahin: We have an inclusive approach that aims to engage foreign professionals intensively in our corporate culture from the very beginning. This includes a comprehensive onboarding program that helps them settle in quickly and become familiar with the new setting and their new colleagues.

Martina: We also offer assistance for finding accommodation, language courses, and cultural activities in order to make their arrival in Germany as smooth as possible. We want to make sure that our foreign employees feel welcome here.

How many foreign specialists have you onboarded in the past year and what have you learned from this?

Shahin: Last year, half of the new colleagues whom we onboarded in our department were foreign specialists. We learned how important it is to respond to individual needs and help confront our new colleagues’ challenges. We have found that comprehensive support during the relocation process is critical to ensuring successful integration.

Martina: Precisely. We have also recognized that cultural sensitivity and open communication are essential for creating an inclusive work environment, one in which all employees feel valued and respected.

What needs do foreign professionals typically have and how do you try to meet them?

Shahin: Foreign professionals need assistance in finding accommodation, with language courses, and generally since they are arriving in a new country with different customs than are the rule wherever they come from. That’s why we offer a comprehensive relocation package that helps them find their way around Germany and feel comfortable here.

Martina: In addition, we attach great importance to creating a supportive work environment, one where foreign employees feel confident expressing their opinions and actively participating in team life. We want to ensure that they are successful not only professionally, but also personally.

What would you wish for in order to improve the integration of foreign specialists in Germany?

Shahin: We want Germany to provide more support and resources for foreign professionals overall to facilitate their transition into the country. This could be done, for example, by speeding up visa application processing times, improving access to language courses, and increasing cultural awareness.

Martina: Absolutely! We firmly believe that an inclusive society benefits from the diverse perspectives and experiences that foreign professionals bring. We can all benefit from supporting and encouraging them to reach their full potential.

Martina and Shahin, those were exciting insights into the relocation process. Thank you very much.

Photo of a happy valantic CX employee participating in a customer experience workshop.

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