A peek behind the scenes of valantic’s pre-boarding

Kathrin Schaaf

November 23, 2023

Anna Forestan, Antje Fließ, valantic

Why anticipation is the best kind of joy and small things have a big effect

Our Chief People Officer Sabrina and Sarah, our newest colleague in People & Culture, provide some insights.

What exactly is pre-boarding?

Sabrina: “Pre-boarding at valantic is the exciting time between the signing of the contract and starting work. Here, we do everything to show our future colleagues that they are already a valuable part of our team. From invitations to lunch with colleagues to personalized birthday wishes and a welcome package. Our goal? Not just to welcome new team members, but also to truly integrate them and prepare them for their new roles at valantic.”

Why is pre-boarding so important for us?

Sarah: “The focus on pre-boarding makes sense in order to establish emotional ties to the employer right away and to show the person what awaits them in the future. I recently started at valantic myself and experienced a great deal of appreciation and sympathetic professionalism from the recruiting process clear through onboarding. The regular contact with Sabrina and my future team colleagues gave me insight into the valantic world even before I started work; I was happy anticipating being part of a great team.”

What makes pre-boarding at valantic successful?

Sabrina: “It’s the small things that have a big effect. From the very beginning, it’s very important to us to welcome people and make them feel appreciated; this should ensure a good arrival on the team. We give our new colleagues as much clarity as possible right before they start about the next steps, we design these steps together, and thus orient people as well as possible.”

At valantic, our pre-boarding helps facilitate a seamless transition and incorporate people deeply from the very start. For we place great value on our motto #wherepeoplecomefirst.

Thank you to Sabrina and Sarah for the interview!

Photo of a happy valantic CX employee participating in a customer experience workshop.

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