Sabrina Albrecht

Chief People Officer, valantic


“valantic is an incredibly dynamic and innovative employer, and I am delighted at the opportunity to support its growth trajectory passionately through innovative HR management concepts.”

With the shortage of skilled labor impeding corporate growth, attracting new, highly qualified employees and retaining and promoting top performers will play a key role in determining businesses’ success in the future. That is why valantic has created the new position of Chief People Officer and filled it with a seasoned HR professional.

Sabrina Albrecht looks back on many years’ experience in transforming HR departments, most recently as head of  the HR department at Germany’s largest private, independent training provider, COGNOS AG. Before that, she worked as an account manager for HR service provider Avantgarde Experts, and as an HR consultant for the internationally renowned HR consultancy specialist Frazer Jones/SR Group. Sabrina lives in Cologne, where she graduated with a Master of Arts degree in International Arts Management. She is also a certified scrum master and systemic organizational consultant.

HR departments must realign themselves if they are to successfully overcome the recruiting challenges of the future and develop sustainable skillsets among their employees. For Sabrina, the cornerstones of her strategic HR work are a systematic focus on an appreciative candidate experience, a sustainable employee experience and attractive employer branding.

Diversity is an important success factor. The proportion of women at valantic is already a quarter higher than the industry average: “Increasing this further will be a personal matter close to my heart,” emphasizes Sabrina.