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Optimize planning and decision-making

Isolated processes and IT systems, lack of end-to-end transparency, no incorporation of external data – all of this results in slow and erroneous decisions and ultimately in a significant loss of value. With the o9 Digital Brain, the platform that is at the heart of digital transformation, you can anticipate market changes in timely fashion, more accurately forecast demand by incorporating external data, and assess integrated business, supply chain, and financial plans.

What is the o9 Digital Brain?

From data to knowledge to intelligent decisions. Today, companies are being challenged to make quick and intelligent decisions based on a variety of information. The o9 Digital Brain enables a full digital representation of your enterprise with a patented graph-based technology, the Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG).

The o9 Digital Brain: A full digital representation of your enterprise

With the o9 Digital Brain, all relevant internal and external data sources can be combined on one platform in real time. Based on this, you can apply advanced AI, analytics, and algorithms that enable you to forecast demand more intelligently, align demand and supply matches with scenarios based on goals such as maximizing service levels or minimizing costs, and identify opportunities and risks at an early stage. By creating an end-to-end decision-making platform that combines market, demand, and supply chain knowledge, you can make decisions more efficiently and sustainably.

IBP solutions with valantic & o9

Demand planning

Optimize short- and long-term sales performance through improved demand forecasting and analysis as well as demand sensing and shaping capabilities.

Integrated business planning

Expand S&OP by taking into account commercial and financial objectives. Combine marketing and financial plans with sales forecasts and inventory targets to create a truly integrated plan.

Supplier collaboration

Fast and secure integration of your supply chain partners into the planning process. Receive early warnings within the supply network and allocate scarce inventory and capacities. Work more efficiently with your suppliers on one platform.

Planning of new product launches

Create business cases and plans for new product launches in a collaborative system. By analyzing similar products and market opportunities, you create a smooth transition and prevent cannibalization effects.

Supply chain control tower

Identify internal and external supply chain disruptions. Detect potential risks and problems and solve them using pre-configured action processes. Learn from the decisions made by using artificial intelligence and save time when considering similar questions.

Supply chain analytics

Supply chain analytics provides data-driven insights to align the individual supply chain strategy with the company’s goals and market needs.

What valantic offers you

S&OP maturity assessment

What is the current status of your S&OP process? Where is there potential? What actions can be derived from this to improve your planning? valantic assists you with evaluating your S&OP evaluation, refining your S&OP vision, and developing a feasible road map. In the process, we take into account your specific organization, business strategy, and operating model, always incorporating the innovative o9 technology and its diverse possibilities.

o9 implementation

We configure, integrate, and implement the solution and support you at all stages of the journey. Here, you can draw on our specialist industry knowledge of project and program management, S&OP planning and implementation, on through to production planning at the production order level. It is important to us that we treat our customers fairly and responsibly.

Change management

To ensure the maximum success of your project, it is particularly important to involve all stakeholders involved at an early stage. We help you build a transformation team, create an effective communication plan, and provide continuous training for the project participants. Here, we take into account your individual organizational structure and company culture, the dominant skills of your employees, and the current maturity of the process.


More about our partner o9 Solutions

3 reasons to select valantic as a partner

Our consulting approach


We have been involved in supply chain planning for 40 years, know the landscape extremely well, and have a broad reference base and industry expertise. From aerospace to pharmaceuticals, from mechanical engineering to automotive, we have a deep understanding of a wide range of industries and their specific processes, be it engineer-to-order, make-to-order, assemble-to-order, or make-to-stock.

Growth and transformation support

In our time, we have helped many companies of critical business sizes in their growth and transformation, helping you to reach your current size, always with the aim of realizing the full potential and generating long-term success. We bring together knowledge from a wide range of fields, excellent IT specialists, managers and entrepreneurs ensure a high degree of interdisciplinarity, a sense of responsibility, and the need-oriented implementation of a wide range of projects


The image of the strong entrepreneur is decisive for our actions: A true entrepreneur thinks unconventionally, assumes risks responsibly, and has a true desire to see his ideas through to success. All partners have previously founded a company and understand what it means to take a personal capital risk to work on innovative solutions.

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