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o9 Solutions: AI Support in End-to-End Supply Chain Planning

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Complex supply chains and volatile market conditions make it difficult for companies to identify changes, accurately forecast demand, and assess demand and supply scenarios. o9 Solutions enables effective decision-making with its AI-supported integrated business planning platform, the o9 Digital Brain. Powering the platform is o9’s patented Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) that combines a wide range of data sources, market, demand, and supply chain knowledge in real-time.

valantic is a strategic implementation partner of o9 Solutions. With our technology expertise and decades of experience in supply chain excellence projects, we have helped many of the world’s leading companies in the fields of mechanical engineering, automotive, electronics, consumer goods, and life sciences with their digital transformation, from strategy to tangible realization.

We are familiar with the industry-specific requirements, we identify your individual requirements and implement them with o9’s innovative technology. Together, we enable a digital twin of the supply chain and ensure transparency of the dependencies along the entire value chain, end-to-end.

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The use of an intelligent planning and decision-making platform provides significant advantages:

  1. 1

    Better financial results by linking a data-driven decision-making basis and personal company knowledge

  2. 2

    Increased transparency by removing organizational silos

  3. 3

    Inclusion of diverse, even unstructured, external, and internal sources of information from IoT sensors in manufacturing, on through to macroeconomic trends

  4. 4

    Management of complexity with the omnichannel approach, regionally different sales markets, and a larger product portfolio

  5. 5

    Consideration of volatile factors in real time

Portrait of Martin Hofer, Managing Director at valantic Supply Chain Excellence

Martin Hofer
Partner at valantic

”In our consulting, we always recommend that processes be considered along the end-to-end supply chain. This means optimizing and automating these processes for our customers in an open, transparent manner. Previously, the technical implementation was mostly based on SAP or on valantic’s waySuite software suite. With o9 Solutions, we are pleased to be able to offer an exceptional software solution to provide information transparently and in real time. This will enable companies to design processes more quickly and intelligently, and thus make optimal, data-driven decisions,“

Mockup AI supported demand planning with o9

AI-supported demand planning with o9: The smarter approach to planning processes

With o9’s Digital Brain, AI/ML-driven and integrated business planning platform, valantic tackles some of the most complex requirements planning challenges. The software can be used to link macroeconomic data to the local level. Different demand streams can be defined and identified correctly. Cross-cutting forecasts across multiple time horizons are possible. The software dynamically adjusts plans and scenario-based reactions to changes in the planning parameters.

Mockup Optimized matching of supply and demand across the supply chain with o9

Optimized matching of supply and demand across the supply chain

With o9’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph, a powerful technology is available that can be used to quickly create different demand and supply scenarios. Statements about current and potential bottlenecks within complex supply chains can be made in real time and preventive countermeasures taken. Requirements can be prioritized, and industry-specific algorithms used for allocation planning. This enables a more flexible and cost-effective response to market demand within the supply chain.

Mockup Transition to true integrated planning with o9

Transition to true integrated planning with o9 Solutions

Companies use o9’s extensive market data, advanced analyses, and integrated planning capabilities to create a data-based decision-making basis for the S&OP process on a live platform. All relevant business areas are combined, proposals for closing revenue gaps, feasibility and cost scenarios evaluated, and optimal financial decisions are made for the entire company.

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