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SAP Add on: apm restarter

If SAP users forget their password or lock themselves out after several incorrect attempts, usually a call to the help desk is necessary. Such calls cost companies time, money, and productivity. With the apm restarter, valantic now offers a tool with which SAP users can reset their passwords themselves in a few steps and eliminate a user block due to incorrect login.

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Today, for security reasons, passwords are complex and should be changed at short intervals. Therefore, during the attempt to log into the SAP system, it is easy to inadvertently enter an incorrect password. If the SAP user is then locked out, the password must be reset and a new one is generally assigned by IT support. Such inquiries to the help desk consume valuable resources. The employee in question usually waits a little while until the new password is set up.

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Fast access

No waiting times

Independence from IT support service times

Relief of IT support

More safety

available as a supplement or a stand-alone solution

Reset password in a few steps by yourself without wait time

With our apm restarter, you can reset your SAP password by yourself easily and quickly. Advantage: You can resume your work within a few minutes – without longer waiting times. In addition, you relieve IT support and are independent of fixed helpdesk service times.

The resetting of a user’s own password can be done easily and in a few steps, as has long since been the practice for many web services.

The apm restarter is available as a supplement to the valantic apm Suite for GRC and authorization management or as a stand-alone solution.

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