SAP Add on for secure emergency user management

SAP Add on: apm rescuer

If a company that is using SAP systems does not have a secure emergency user concept, this conceals significant risks and can have grave consequences for internal company security. Our SAP add-on apm rescuer for emergency user management enables complete auditing of the use of emergency users with wide-ranging permissions in SAP.

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Your benefits

Seamless documentation and auditing of the use of emergency users in SAP

Traceability of all activities of the emergency user on through to application, even after the fact thanks to integration in SAP

Misuse of extensive permissions is prevented from the very start

Transparency and control of the emergency users increase security at your company

Prevention of misuse of wide-ranging authorizations

This prevents the extensive permissions of an emergency user from being misused. Here the process is designed so that the provision is as secure as it can be, thanks to the dual control principle. Subsequent evaluation of all transactions made with an emergency user provides additional control. Thanks to integration into SAP, the emergency user’s activities can also be reconstructed easily after the fact, all the way back to the application.

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