SAP Add on for Identity-Management

SAP Add on: apm identifier

Whether SAP roles, laptop, smartphone or access chip – employees’ basic equipment is as specialized as their individual departments. In case of employee fluctuation or changed areas of responsibility, many manual processes are generally required at companies. The consequences are frequently a great time commitment, too little overview, and errors in  processing.

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Product sheet apm identifier

Product sheet: apm identifier

Identity management solution: With the SAP add-on apm identifier, you can simplify the SAP user application and integrate any number of work tools.

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SAP Add-on for the user request

With the apm identifier by valantic, you simplify user application in SAP

Thanks to pre-configured user groups in the application process, SAP roles and working equipment are displayed in target group-oriented fashion. Any lack of clarity in employee equipment and function separation conflicts in SAP can thus be avoided from the start. SAP users can be created, changed or deleted quickly and easily.

This slim solution is suitable not only for large companies, but especially for medium-sized companies as it is a real alternative to highly-complex identity management solutions (IdM). The apm identifier can be combined with the apm Suite for transparent authorization management.

Your benefits

Assignment of SAP roles and as many tools as desired outside SAP in a workflow.

Pre-configured user groups display SAP roles and tools in target group-oriented fashion

More overview for the required employee equipment

Avoid function separation conflicts before they arise

Create, change or delete SAP users quickly and easily

Standardized, transparent, documented approval workflow

Further information to download

Product sheet apm atlantis


Product sheet: apm atlantis

apm atlantis keeps your SAP authorization management simple and secure: role creation, evaluation & analysis, mass changes and role request management.

Product sheet: apm atlantis
Product sheet apm restarter


Product sheet: apm restarter

With the apm restarter, valantic offers a tool with which SAP users can reset their passwords themselves in a few steps and eliminate a user block due to incorrect login.

Product sheet: apm restarter
Product sheet apm Suite


Product sheet: apm Suite

With the apm Suite, you can put together your individual GRC/SOX-compliant SAP authorization solution as required.

Product sheet: apm Suite

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