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The comprehensive AWS Cloud Adoption Framework from valantic

Together with Amazon Web Services (AWS), valantic offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions to help companies develop, deploy and optimize applications in the AWS cloud. These involve the customization, modernization, and redesign of applications, as well as the secure and cost-effective use of the AWS cloud.

The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework from valantic provides a structured approach to planning and implementing a cloud strategy. It helps organizations identify and prioritize the steps needed to achieve a successful transition to the cloud. The framework consists of a number of phases, from the basic setup of the AWS environment to ongoing operations, and takes into account important aspects such as security, cost optimization, policy compliance, and automation.

Benefits of an AWS Cloud Migration with valantic


Security is valantic’s number one priority when it comes to using cloud services in your company. We are convinced that, of all the major cloud providers, AWS offers the most comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) service and the most extensive catalog of compliance rules and regulations from the outset. These include features like encryption, network security, monitoring, and rule compliance tools that help organizations protect their data and applications in the cloud.

Cost optimization

AWS offers several ways to control and optimize costs. These include the use of reserved instances, auto scaling, specific cost-transparency and analytics services, as well as granular, usage-based billing. valantic also helps you with other cost optimizations, such as savings plans, private pricing, EDP, etc.


Compliance plays a critical role for enterprises that are subject to industry-specific regulations and guidelines. AWS offers a wide range of compliance programs and certifications that enable enterprises to operate their applications and store their data securely and compliantly in the cloud. But that alone is not enough. valantic has in-depth expertise in compliance policies and their specific relevance to cloud operations.


Automation is a key aspect for the scalability and efficiency of cloud-native applications as well as for general cloud usage. AWS offers a wide range of automation tools and services, including AWS CloudFormation, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions, and many more. These tools help developers manage and deliver their applications efficiently to their end customers.

AWS Packaged Services

valantic Advanced Cloud Solutions offers a wide range of professional services packages and programs to help enterprises leverage the AWS public cloud, whether for migration, modernization, or innovation projects.

valantic – Cloud Discovery Package

The Cloud Discovery Package from valantic aims to help customers navigate the cloud. It assesses their use cases, needs, and requirements to prepare a recommendation for the architecture. A cost estimate for AWS and an implementation plan are also prepared. The workshop typically lasts two to four days, with the customer actively participating for 1.5 days.

During the workshop, the Cloud Architect identifies the customer’s use cases and recommends an architecture tailored to the customer’s needs. The customer is provided with a cost estimate for AWS, an architecture for their specific use case, and a Statement of Work for possible follow-on activities needed to securely operate the AWS Cloud and to leverage AWS innovations faster.

valantic – Windows Migration Accelerator, incl. OLA.

The valantic Windows Migration Accelerator – Migrate to Innovate package provides a workshop to help customers assess their needs and show them how they can optimally use the cloud.

As part of the workshop, a cost analysis is performed to calculate the total cost of ownership. A proof-of-concept migration project is also implemented to demonstrate that selected workloads can be successfully moved to the cloud.

The package further documents a business case outlining the benefits of migrating to AWS for the customer. It includes information on Windows licensing, as well as a cost estimate for running the workloads on AWS, based on an analysis of the portfolio.

The majority of Windows servers in the cloud run on AWS. When migrating Windows workloads to AWS, it is important to consider the Optimization License Agreement (OLA) which addresses license optimization and compliance in the AWS cloud environment. It is therefore important to ensure that license requirements are met and license usage is effectively optimized. Below are a few considerations for optimizing the license agreement for the Windows migration to AWS.

  1. 1

    Total cost of ownership

    Prior to actually assessing the licenses, valantic analyzes the current use of the Windows servers and estimates the monthly and annual costs. In doing so, we consider different scenarios, such as “Lift & Shift”, “Lift & Shift & Rightsizing” and “Lift & Shift & Rightsizing & AWS managed database”.

  2. 2

    License evaluation

    valantic checks the existing license agreements and determines their validity for the AWS migration. In doing so, it takes different licensing models, such as per core, per user, or per instance, as well as specific rules and restrictions, into account.

  3. 3

    License mobility

    valantic checks whether the software licenses have license mobility rights that allow a transfer to AWS.

  4. 4

    Dedicated hosts

    If dedicated hardware is required for compliance or licensing reasons, valantic will assess the use of AWS Dedicated Hosts and any additional fees.

  5. 5

    AWS License Manager

    valantic helps its customers manage their software licenses effectively with the AWS License Manager service.

  6. 6

    Bring Your Own License (BYOL)

    In some cases, the license agreement may allow existing licenses to be transferred to AWS.

  7. 7

    License optimization

    License usage can be optimized by leveraging AWS services and features such as managed AWS databases, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Auto Scaling, and containerization technologies such as Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS).

Migration PoC Accelerator Package

This 10-day Migration Proof of Concept (PoC) package focuses on migrating a smaller IT workload to AWS. Its aims are to introduce AWS migration services, estimate the monthly AWS costs, and highlight customer-specific innovations that are possible by a migration to AWS. AWS provides tools such as the AWS Migration Hub, AWS Database Migration Service (DMS), AWS Server Migration Service (SMS), and AWS Application Discovery Service to facilitate the migration. valantic guides you through the entire process, prepares a well-documented report on the results of the PoC, and the costs (including TCO), and suggests the next steps to be taken.

valantic – AWS Accelerator Package

The valantic AWS Accelerator Package helps customers migrate their applications and workloads quickly and efficiently to the AWS public cloud. We provide proven methodologies, tools, and expertise to expedite cloud adoption and ensure secure, optimal use of the AWS services.

The 10-day package demonstrates the feasibility and value of AWS. It provides customers with a quick overview of the technology’s capabilities and suitability prior to a full-scale migration and integration.

The package includes scoping and planning, installation and configuration, data preparation, testing and evaluation, monitoring and analysis, and documentation and recommendations.

Data Discovery PoC Package

The five-day Data Discovery PoC Package Workshop is a collaboration between valantic and the customer to explore and analyze the customer’s data landscape. The workshop aims to gather information about the organization’s data, understand the data sources, assess the quality of the data, and identify opportunities to leverage the data to drive business value. valantic sends its customers a questionnaire prior to the workshop to help it understand their specific needs and tailor the workshop accordingly.

Machine Learning PoC-Package

A proof of concept (PoC) package for machine learning (ML) on AWS typically lasts 10 days. It involves valantic investigating and demonstrating the feasibility and value of applying ML techniques to a specific use case or problem. As part of the PoC, we use AWS services and resources to prototype and test an ML solution.

valantic – SaaS Discovery PoC Package

The valantic SaaS Discovery PoC Package provides an introduction to SaaS deployment and includes assessing, planning, and supporting the deployment of SaaS in your organization. The Proof of Concept (PoC) for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) on AWS lasts 10 days and validates the feasibility of a SaaS solution on the AWS platform. The PoC involves the definition of the architecture, environment setup, application development, integration, testing, monitoring, and analysis. The results are documented, together with recommendations for future steps and improvements.

valantic Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) Program

The AWS Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) program helps enterprises establish and optimize their cloud practices. It provides guidance, best practices, and support for the effective adoption and management of AWS cloud services. valantic helps organizations build a central team that acts as a strategic advisor for cloud initiatives.

The program covers cloud strategy, best practices, skills development, a cloud maturity assessment, an architecture review, and optimization, as well as continuous improvement and innovation. It aims to help organizations successfully implement and further develop their cloud operations.

valantic – AWS Landing Zone Package

valantic creates the AWS Landing Zone using either Terraform or the AWS Landing Zone Accelerator, based on the AWS Control Tower.

The valantic Landing Zone Package ensures that the customer’s data is secure and the AWS environment remains protected. Integrated compliance and enterprise policies are implemented to meet industry- and customer-specific requirements.

By using the AWS Landing Zone Accelerator or Terraform, valantic ensures that your AWS Landing Zone is optimally configured and set up. This provides for a secure environment that integrated into your enterprise IT and observes the relevant data protection regulations, compliance guidelines, and corporate policies.



Compliance Cloud Readiness Packages

AWS Managed Rules is an offering of Amazon Web Services (AWS) that helps organizations comply with industry-specific regulatory standards. valantic helps its customers implement and maintain these compliance rules on the AWS platform. Its services include compliance assessments, gap analysis, documentation, architecture review, audit preparation, and ongoing support. The goal is to help organizations meet their compliance requirements and maintain a secure and compliant AWS environment.

valantic – AWS Migration Accelerator Program

The valantic AWS Migration Accelerator Program is a comprehensive program designed to help your smooth migration to the AWS cloud. valantic goes beyond the AWS 3-phase MAP (Assess – Mobilize – Migrate), supporting enterprises in all six phases of migration:

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  1. 1


    We assess your organization and its capabilities to determine your migration readiness. This assessment is also supplemented by a cost analysis.

  2. 2


    Customized training and development paths are defined to enhance your in-house know-how and skills. A Cloud Center of Excellence is established to help you with the organizational implementation.

  3. 3


    The migration is planned in detail, including an analysis of your existing systems. The AWS account structure is set up in accordance with best practices.

  4. 4


    Modernization activities are also performed during the migration to adapt and optimize your systems to the cloud environment.

  5. 5


    After the migration, we focus on continuous further development and the introduction of new technologies to fully exploit the potential of the cloud.

  6. 6


    The program also includes assessing your operating model and designing an efficient AWS operations strategy.

valantic IoT & IIoT Machine Learning Program

The valantic IoT & IIoT Machine Learning Program lets companies use their data successfully for machine learning. From exploring the data to setting up and continuously improving the ML model, we accompany our customers and ensure they realize the full potential of their data.

Workshop to explore existing data flows and available data for ML

In this workshop, we analyze your existing data flows and examine which data is suitable for ML. This provides you with an overview of your data’s potential for ML applications.

Data engineering to prepare data for ML on AWS.

valantic prepares your data so that it can be optimally used for machine learning on the AWS platform.

Setting up the ML model with AWS SageMaker

We use the powerful AWS SageMaker platform to set up your ML model. This lets you develop, train, and deploy ML algorithms and models with maximum efficiency.

Continuous fine-tuning of the ML model, and error analysis

valantic helps you continuously improve your ML model. Regular fine-tuning and error analyses ensure your model produces optimal results.

valantic – AWS SaaS Enablement Program

The valantic AWS SaaS Enablement Program offers a structured approach to developing SaaS solutions on the AWS platform. It covers a thorough analysis of your unique SaaS challenges and tunes the proven AWS methodology accordingly. The program includes a comprehensive business and technical assessment, SaaS deployment planning, agile development, and portal and marketplace positioning. Our goal is to help companies implement successful SaaS solutions on AWS.

The valantic SaaS Enablement Program helps customers transition their software products to the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. It provides guidance, resources, and support to transform traditional software into scalable, multi-tenant SaaS solutions and unlock new revenue opportunities. valantic has extensive expertise in regulations such as BaFin, MaRisk, PCI-DSS, GDPR, NIS2, HIPAA, SOC, SOC 2, ISO, TISAX, and others. The program covers key aspects such as business model transformation, architecture and design, application refacturing, re-platforming, scalability and performance, security and compliance, operations and support, billing and subscription management, as well as customer success and onboarding.

valantic Business Process Management (BPM)

Camunda is an open-source platform for business process management (BPM) and workflow automation, and valantic is a Camunda-certified Platinum Partner.

Camunda supports a set of tools and frameworks for modeling, executing, monitoring, and optimizing business processes and workflows.

Here are some of the key features and capabilities we use at valantic:

Process modeling

Camunda offers a visual modeling tool with which users can define business processes using BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Model and Notation).

Process execution

Camunda’s Workflow Engine enables BPMN processes to be executed. It supports the execution of complex, time-consuming processes and offers features such as parallel execution, user task management, event-based triggers, and conditional process flows.

Workflow automation

Camunda allows human-centric as well as system-centric workflows to be automated. It enables the coordination of tasks across different systems and applications and automates the flow of information and actions between process participants.

Task management

Camunda provides functions for managing human tasks within a process. This covers  features such as task assignment, task prioritization, task delegation, task escalation, and task notifications, thus enabling efficient task coordination and completion.

Process monitoring

Camunda provides real-time insight into the execution of business processes. It offers dashboards and reporting capabilities for monitoring process performance, tracking KPIs, identifying bottlenecks, and analyzing process data to drive continuous improvement. valantic can integrate Camunda Dashboard Intelligence into other visualization tools as well.

Integration and extensibility

valantic integrates Camunda with other systems and applications. We offer a range of integration options, including REST APIs, Java APIs, and message-based integration using messaging protocols such as JMS or AMQP. We also integrate custom plugins.

Decision management

Camunda Decision Model and Notation (DMN) enables the modeling and execution of business decisions as part of the overall process.

valantic Migration SAP to AWS Program

The longstanding partnership between SAP and AWS lets companies leverage the benefits of the cloud for their SAP systems. AWS provides a secure and scalable infrastructure for SAP workloads, while SAP offers various initiatives such as RISE with SAP and the Business Technology Platform. As a SAP Gold Partner, valantic has in-depth expertise in SAP and AWS and helps customers migrate their SAP systems to the AWS platform. The program includes migration planning and architecture, a structured migration methodology, and guidance on sizing and optimizing SAP workloads on AWS.

valantic Managed Services Program

valantic offers its customers a Managed Services Program for their AWS infrastructure that includes the following services:

The valantic Managed Services program can be customized to meet your individual needs, whether by using fully managed services or selecting specific components to be performed by valantic.

valantic – Well Architected Review Package

The valantic Well Architected Review Package provides a comprehensive review and assessment of your workload, based on six core criteria:

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance efficiency
  • Cost optimization
  • Operational excellence
  • Sustainability

The package consists of several phases that methodically analyze your workload and identify potential vulnerabilities and improvement opportunities related to these criteria. You will then receive a document with concrete proposals for resolving the identified issues, containing detailed measures and an estimate of the cost and effort required.

These measures can be implemented with the help of valantic DevOps services. Our team helps you implement the necessary improvements and optimize your workload in accordance with the recommended measures.

valantic – AWS Cost & Operational Efficiency Package

The valantic AWS Cost & Operational Efficiency Package concentrates on the efficient management of costs within your AWS infrastructure. The following services are available:

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