The Path to Sustainability Continues – Our Donation Campaign with Labdoo

Picture of Philipp Grittner, consultant at valantic in the field of logistics management, in the background a wind turbine and a solar plant, sustainability at valantic and our fundraising campaign with Labdoo

In November 2021, Philipp Grittner, a logistics management consultant at valantic, gave us some insight into the topic of sustainability at valantic in our blog. A lot has changed since then, and the “Sustainability Team” has continued to work on many great initiatives, including our recent fund-raising campaign with the organization Labdoo.

Hello Philipp, it’s good to see you. Can you please introduce yourself again?

Hello, I’m glad that you’ve invited me again. My name is Philipp and I have been a logistics management consultant at valantic Supply Chain Excellence since the end of 2018. With our team, we offer customers tool-independent consulting, which means that we focus mainly on processes that work well. We combine these processes with individually suitable IT solutions and the necessary organizational development.

I was born in Munich, which is, fortunately, also where one of the valantic locations is. In my free time, I enjoy the proximity to the mountains and the numerous culinary highlights in and around Munich.

You told us about a project that is dear to your heart, the “Sustainability Team,” in November 2021. What has changed since then?

You might think that not very much can happen in six months, but with such a new team there is still a lot going on. We are delighted that so many new faces have joined the Sustainability Team in the last few months!

This shows us that the topic is extremely important to our colleagues.

What topics are you working on right now?

We want to continue the tried and true, but we also want to do new things. So on the one hand, we will soon undertake a trash collection campaign with the team members.

As innovations this year, we have implemented a new trash concept in our Munich office. We are now able to separate our everyday trash into 5 categories and dispose of it appropriately. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues again for joining in!

On the other hand, we are going to launch a volunteer day. This means that each employee has a day available to support social institutions such as the Tafel [Munich food collection service]. I think this is a great thing, and it shows that we are also open to new ideas at valantic. Many thanks again to our management for the great support.

In addition, there are numerous other topics and projects, such as the donation campaign with Labdoo.

Can you tell us more about the donation campaign with Labdoo?

We launched an environmental campaign last year, where we planted 100 trees together with Plant My Tree. This year, we wanted to do something for the environment again, and so we chose an organization that deals with IT waste, because this relates directly to valantic as a rapidly-growing IT company.

Here, we are working with our valantic HR team. The background is a donation campaign on Instagram, where valantic donates EUR 1 to an organization for every new follower. This year we selected Labdoo.

Labdoo is a worldwide network of volunteers that enables children to participate digitally in their own countries and abroad. Its non-profit platform is open to everyone around the world in order to equip them with unused laptops or tablets with powerful educational software. Flight sponsors take the IT donations to the sites and collect them for repair or recycling.

That sounds fascinating! How long will the campaign last and how can I actively support it?

The campaign will run until June 30. To support us and Labdoo, you should visit our Instagram account and follow us. If you are a follower, you can also share the posts in your own Instagram story or add a comment for your friends and family. We are excited about all the support!

If you would like to support Labdoo yourself, please visit their homepage. There you will find all kinds of information about current initiatives and how to support the organization with your own IT donations.

Thank you for the interview, Philipp!

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