What is the meaning of Robotics? Robotics (or robot technology) refers to a technical area that focuses on the conception, construction, manufacturing, and operation of technical devices that are called robots. Robotics is an interdisciplinary area of knowledge that focuses extensively on the realization and application of robot systems. People with their manual-motor, sensory, and cognitive capabilities should be assisted and replaced more and more. Mechanical engineering, materials science, electrical engineering, mathematics, computer science, psychology, and biology all have a strong influence on robotics. valantic helps companies with advising and solutions in the robotics and robotic process automation (RPA) sectors.

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Digitalization Services March 18, 2020

CFO: Surviving the digitalization madness – time-travel!

We are now in the future, in the year 2025. You're the CFO, sitting in your office, going over the manuscript for your upcoming farewell speech once again. In just a few minutes, you’ll face your employees one last time. Will you tell a tale of success or are you leaving your company because you failed miserably at digitalization?

CFO: Surviving the digitalization madness – time-travel!