Exciting Insights into Current SAP CDC projects

Portrait of Daniel Tiatco, SAP CX Consultant, people typing on laptops and the elements - a valantic company office in Salzburg

Daniel Tiatco, SAP CX Consultant, provides us with exciting insights into ongoing SAP Customer Data Cloud projects and reports on how he is writing his personal success story in CX Consulting.

Hello, Daniel, please tell us a bit about yourself!

I have been focusing on different CRM systems since the beginning of 2018. Since I have always enjoyed consulting, especially in the CX area, but also wanted to build up more technical expertise, I joined valantic in Salzburg as an SAP CX consultant in January 2021. Since then, I have been concerned with the SAP Marketing Cloud and the SAP Customer Data Cloud, and from the very beginning, I have been able to participate in a wide variety of projects. Meanwhile, I am playing the role of the professional team lead on our CDC stream.

What does one of your projects actually look like? What kinds of questions do customers ask you?

CDC projects are always about central customer master data management including consent management + a CIAM solution. On the one hand, the question arises as to how the master data enters the system – this can involve lite or full accounts (including social logins); on the other hand, the data is located in different silo systems, regardless of whether SAP, non-SAP, or websites. These have to be migrated to a large CDC. The question for us is how to provide the end users with a perfect customer experience and how our customers can store data from different touchpoints and channels in a GDPR-compliant manner.

Can you tell us a bit more about the project team?

Some of our colleagues have specialized in process consulting. They examine current processes at the customer’s and see how to improve the overall architecture. Colleagues with a deeper technical background gladly handle the development contracts. Everything from customizing to development with CSS or JavaScript – there’s a little of everything here. I personally do both – from process optimization to technical implementation.

What has been your personal challenge on the projects you’ve worked on thus far?

Due to the fact that a large number of different systems play a role in CDC projects, many people from different specialized areas are involved on the customer side. And where many people are involved, there are also many opinions. My task is to get a complete overview of the often-huge system environments and to combine all this information to make a big picture. When the people from the different areas are enthusiastic about our work because the CDC makes their work much easier, I enjoy working as a consultant!

What do you especially like about valantic?

That I was fully integrated from day one. Especially in the beginning, having a buddy was great, but also the onboarding to get to know the company – so I could participate actively in the projects very quickly. I can always rely on my colleagues’ support because everyone likes to share their knowledge here. And it never gets boring: A year ago I started with the topic of Marketing Cloud and in the meantime, I have also established knowledge of Qualtrics and CDC. Now, we’re going to add Emarsys – so life is always exciting and continuous development is guaranteed.

Thank you very much for the conversation, Daniel!

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