Employee experience: About the “can-do” attitude at the company

Kathrin Schaaf

February 13, 2024

Patrick and Sabrina, valantic

What’s the buzzword “employee experience” all about? Sabrina and Patrick explain this to us. Let’s dive in!

What exactly is employee experience and what are its goals?

Patrick: “When people meet, the first few seconds indicate whether you are sympathetic to one another – just like in the employee experience. It’s important to us that the candidates have an experience that is great across the boards. The journey begins in preboarding, and then it moves seamlessly into onboarding. These are the first, enormously important milestones for our colleagues’ good experience when they come to us.”

Sabrina: “The employee experience can be described as the totality of all the impressions and experiences an employee has with his or her employer. It starts with recruiting and ends with offboarding. This comprehensive view is an essential lever for employee satisfaction and motivation. The aim of the employee experience is to create a positive, productive working environment and to retain employees in the company over the long term.”

How does the employee experience work at valantic?

Patrick: “At valantic, we are convinced that our success is based on interpersonal relationships. If our employees are happy and satisfied, this is reflected in our customers’ satisfaction. Trust is the foundation of this experience. We create a trusting atmosphere through open communication, supported by a strong commitment to organizational and personnel development. This enables us to act at an early stage when it matters. Our dedication to employee experience at valantic stems from a “can-do” attitude.”

Sabrina: “At valantic, we have a very active feedback culture, and we use mandatory communication tools, such as interim and probationary-period interviews, to exchange ideas. In addition, there are various formats that bring colleagues together to learn about their allegiance to the company.”

What are the benefits of a successful employee experience?

Sabrina: “Above all, closer coordination and cooperation among colleagues is a major benefit of a successful employee experience. This increases employee loyalty, which ensures that valuable knowledge is retained in the company. Satisfied teams work more effectively and are more productive overall.”

Patrick: “A positive employee experience directly affects customer relationships because satisfied teams ensure satisfied customers, resulting in increased customer loyalty and higher referral rates.”

As valantic, we are convinced that working requires more. Namely, that you feel comfortable, that you can develop, and that people listen to you. Ensuring a good and productive environment for our colleagues so that they can do their best work is important to us at valantic.

Photo of a happy valantic CX employee participating in a customer experience workshop.

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