Dynamics in People Management

Nicole Rösner

September 1, 2022

Sabrina Albrecht, valantic Chief People Officer

Poeple Management: Sabrina’s first six months as Chief People Officer

Sabrina Albrecht is from Cologne and joined valantic as Chief People Officer in January 2022. In an interview, she gives us insight into her first months at valantic and explains the challenges of her newly created role in People Management and why it is so important to promote women to leadership positions.

Hello Sabrina, please introduce yourself briefly.

My name is Sabrina, I am 34, and I live with my partner in Cologne.

How did you come to valantic and what convinced you that valantic is the right employer for you?

I heard about valantic through my network. In the introductory meetings, I was particularly impressed by the intelligent people I met. The hiring process was very professional, fast, and sympathetic. I was particularly impressed by the innovative topics, the dynamism, and at the same time the goal of becoming Europe’s leading digital solutions consulting company.

You’ve been with the company for six months now. How were your first six months? And what was your personal highlight thus far?

Exciting, new, colorful, dynamic, impressive. My personal, ongoing highlight is my team and my colleagues. I am very grateful to be able to work with these people. Quick decisions, professionalism, and a focus on specialized topics are combined with humanity, a lot of sympathy, fairness, trust, and acting on an equal playing field. I enjoy this work environment very much.

What challenges have you faced in the newly created CPO position?

There were already many great activities in the People Department. We have linked our service portfolio even more closely to valantic’s needs: As an organization, we are growing rapidly and at the same time it is important to us that this growth takes place sustainably. Our People Department portfolio is now not only better equipped for this but is much more proactive with regard to the business itself. Our services now integrate more closely and create an attractive employee journey for our employees. This includes great onboarding, as well as good training and further education programs for our employees, who are enthusiastic and suit us. At the same time, as a very fast-growing company, we are on the move in the tightest candidate market ever. We must inspire the best candidates to join valantic and distinguish ourselves on the labor market.

Why do you come into the office in a good mood every morning?

Exciting projects, great colleagues, entrepreneurship, innovative spirit. And of course the good coffee 😉

Why do you think it is so important to promote women to leadership positions?

For me, a diversity of perspectives is the key to success. That’s the big difference for me. Women, among other things, often bring a completely different view of things into play. This can create new spaces for thought and put topics on a completely new level – so why not use that business advantage strategically?!

As an innovative company, we depend on this diversity of perspectives. Women make up well over half of the world’s population. I see absolutely no reason why this ratio should not also be reflected in management positions. For me, managers are key figures in the development of companies and therefore also of corporate cultures!

Thank you very much for the interview, Sabrina!

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