Rüdiger Hoffmann

Managing Director, valantic Division SAP Services

Rüdiger Hoffmann, Managing Director, Division SAP Services

Business core processes have to be simple, transparent, and flexible

Rüdiger Hoffmann, Managing Director of valantic ERP Consulting has helped decision makers master change processes at their organizations for more than 20 years.

The current challenge is „Cloudification“ and „Transformation”: digitalization is changing processes, people, and IT environments at companies in equal measure. And this is good, for this change is something positive; it drives organizations onward and produces added value. But change has to be designed, expertly and carefully.

Rüdiger Hoffmann helps his customers prepare their process and IT organizations quite specifically for the challenges of the future. He ensures that business and IT understand one another and work together on common strategy development and on implementation projects.

Rüdiger Hoffmann studied Economics and Media Sciences at the University of Trier. After holding positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Bertelsmann Group, and after various international project deployments, he founded LINKIT Consulting (now valantic ERP Consulting) with Uli Müller and Guido Czampiel in 2008. He is in favour of practical solutions to problems, structured approaches, and open discussions, and he works every day to make things easier.