Roland Martinez

Managing Director, valantic Division Digital Strategy & Analytics

Roland Martinez, Managing Director, Division Digital Strategy & Analytics

TC Compliance is his Passion

“We help our customers in the telecommunications industry comply with the applicable legal requirements of the telecommunications act without a problem. With our solutions and services, we enable telecommunications companies of all sizes to concentrate on their core business and act in compliance with all laws. Thus, together with our customers, we are making a significant contribution to our country’s security.” These three sentences describe Roland Martinez’s basic conviction when he’s talking about his passion for TC.

Providing the necessary information so that authorities can investigate criminal acts is one of most important tasks when the concern is fulfilling telecommunications companies’ legal obligations. For more than 25 years, the valantic business area Telco Solutions & Services (TSS) has been a successful partner to the telecommunications industry and it is a proven expert on the topic of TC compliance. The business process and IT services that valantic offers help customers provide the necessary information for the authorities to investigate criminal acts. In case of severe criminal acts, this can be done on the basis of a judge’s order and can even include a monitoring of telephone, Internet, and e-mail traffic by the authorities.

The services of the valantic Competence Center TSS enable telecommunications companies to forward all relevant information to the authorities – from legally controlled information provision to monitoring – digitally, automatically, and without media discontinuities. Avoiding fraud on TC networks with a state-of-the-art fraud management system is also a service that the Competence Center can provide.

Before joining valantic, Roland Martinez worked in various top management positions in the IT sector at Siemens, Deutsche Telekom, and for a subsidiary of the Deutsche Bank. He gained his initial experience establishing and expanding his own company as managing partner of a M&A consulting company in Düsseldorf. An interim assignment at what became the valantic Group caused him to be inspired by the valantic DNA. Roland Martinez has been Managing Director at valantic since 2016 and is currently responsible for Telco Solutions & Services GmbH.

He completed his management training at Siemens AG and Deutsche Telekom and has participated successfully in several management programs at the London Business School. This native of Frankfurt is married, has three children, and recently became a grandfather. For this wine lover, who has lived in Rheinhessen for many years, his interest in literature and art forges a link to his active engagement in a traditional Cologne Carnival society, of which he has been a part for many years.