Pedro Delgado

Partner & Managing Director, valantic Division Smart Industries

Pedro Delgado, valantic Partner & Managing Director, Division Smart Industries

“Bringing Digital Transformation to all Organizations”

What motivates you?

My top priority and primary motivation has always been to provide significant added value to each customer and to transform each project, big or small, into a solution that truly helps customers grow and transform their businesses.

I take pride in seeing others advance professionally and personally. Seeing people grow with the organization is one of the things that motivates me the most at Do iT Lean.
Last but not least, I find that I am highly motivated by the ability to operate in a global market using Portuguese technology and technical skills that are sometimes overlooked in other countries.

What makes valantic special for you?

The culture and values of valantic and Do iT Lean are totally aligned. The emphasis is on people and how they can add value to the organization. valantic’s presence in exciting markets with huge potential for low-code platforms, as well as its increased focus on being the most respected company rather than the largest, perfectly aligns with what Do iT Lean has always stood for.

What are your responsibilities at valantic?

The primary responsibility and focus will be on bringing low-code solution offerings to markets where valantic already has a strong presence, although with different knowledge, technology and services. valantic’s extensive offering lacked low-code platforms until recently. When Do iT Lean joined the family, everything lined up.

Low-code will rapidly penetrate new markets. When this happens, valantic will be ready to expand its capabilities. Do iT Lean, on the other hand, will be able to expand its operations with valantic, rather than remaining in very specific market niches.

valantic in 3 sentences:

People: valantic sees itself as a company that reflects the diversity of its employees. People make up the organization.

Culture: The company’s culture of embracing diverse viewpoints on businesses, markets, and customers while encouraging this mix to coexist harmoniously within the organization, transforming those differences into the same shared vision.

Partnership: The goal of valantic, of continuing adding value by acknowledging all of the opinions, points of view, and perspectives of all of the people who make up the company, and as a result, to become Europe’s most respected company.

What did you do before joining valantic?

I completed a masters degree in Software Engineering in 1997 and my first jobs were as a ‘geek’ software developer. In 2002 I joined OutSystems soon after it was founded and kicked off the services team. My focus was on defining the methods & processes for building applications using low-code development. Seven years later, I co-founded Do iT Lean to help organizations perform their digital transformations using OutSystems. Today I am supported by a team of 300+ low-code, agile software experts helping Do iT Lean be ranked the #1 OutSystems partner on customer satisfaction. I still code once in a while, keeping my geekiness alive.