Patrick Kuske

Partner & Co-Head of M&A and Corporate Development, valantic

Patrick Kuske, valantic Partner & Co-Head of M&A and Corporate Development

"Just do it."

What are your responsibilities at valantic?

My team drives structural growth at valantic by winning new companies and entrepreneurs to join the valantic family. Another aspect of our work is onboarding them as effectively and efficiently as possible to ensure we drive business as one firm from the get-go.
As a former founder, I love valantic for its culture and management philosophy. We empower but also expect people to take ownership, and act as entrepreneurs. This makes valantic such a fun and agile place to work at.

What distinguishes valantic from other consulting firms?

valantic is all about agility and moving ahead, while respecting people and making sure we stay an asshole- and politics-free zone.

What did your professional career look like?

Before my time at valantic, I initially spent around six years in various M&A and Private Equity roles at companies such as Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, where I also had my first touchpoints with the Digital Services business. After that, I founded a FinTech company where I worked for around two years before joining valantic.

What do you do in your private life?

I am passionate about sports and enjoy running, kitesurfing, and golf. I get energized by a challenging game and tough competition – even when only against myself. Work is very much like a game for me – and I really enjoy it. I also love to unwind with my wife over a delicious meal with great wine. Pure bliss for me is spending long hours in the kitchen during the weekend, cooking a multi-course menu, and then sitting down around a big table with a large group of friends and simply savoring the moment.