Nils Weber

Partner & Managing Director, valantic Division Customer Experience

Nils Weber, Managing Director and Partner at valantic

"Success happens at Consulting x Execution – getting things done. We are driven by client results!”

What are your responsibilities at valantic?

I am building valantic CX’s Customer Engagement practice. We are committed to driving transformations across marketing, sales and service. X-Industry. Leveraging the world’s leading AI + Data + CRM Platform – Salesforce, as well as innovative CDP vendors such as bloomreach.

Why do you love working at valantic?

I love working at valantic, because it is the place where entrepreneurial freedom and accountability meet professionalism, trust and integrity in collaboration. We are a diverse team of managers, consultants and doers, all seasoned entrepreneurs at heart. We value results over politics.

What is your professional background?

As a Partner & Managing Director within valantic CX, I lead our practice for customer engagement transformations, powered by Salesforce. Prior to my role at valantic, I delivered global transformation projects in this field, working for a global consulting firm and an expert digital agency. Academically I studied Management in Leipzig (HHL) and Cape Town and consider myself an expert for digital transformation of “Hidden Champion Firms”. I still enjoy to regularly publish together with representatives from academia and practice.

What do you do if you are not working?

I am grateful to have a beautiful family and two wonderful children of two and four years. Together we love to travel (South Africa, but also mountains and the seaside of Europe), go on bike rides, swimming, on the SUP or playing tennis. Beyond that, I have a great passion for cooking and interest in food-wine-pairing, especially German Riesling. If time allows, I personally enjoy reading and listening to podcasts on philosophy, (geo)politics and other social matters.