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Nils Weber

Managing Director

valantic Digital Marketing & CRM

Innovator and implementer of data driven CRM business models

„In the context of digitalization organizations strive to foster data driven decisions. In order to achieve this, companies need to eliminate silos between marketing, sales and customer service to derive a strategic vision of the ideal CX. We introduce a “conductor for customer engagement” from both technological and organizational perspective to enable great results.“

Together with a team of martech consultants, data scientists and UX designers, Nils Weber solves strategic challenges in the field of customer engagement and customer relationship management. In this context technology acts as an enabler, only in combination with an efficient operating model and pragmatic change approach great results will be achieved.

As a managing director within valantic CX, Nils leads the practice for data driven marketing and CRM. Prior to his role at valantic, Nils delivered global transformation projects in this field, working for a global consulting firm.

Nils Weber studied Business Administration in Leipzig (HHL) and Cape Town. He is an expert for digital transformation of “Medium-sized firms” and regularly publishes together with representatives from academia and practice. .