Niek Bosua

Partner & Managing Director, valantic

Niek Bosua, valantic Partner & Managing Director, Division Customer Experience

"We’re passionate about maximizing our customers’ Digital Commerce success"

Niek Bosua started working for ISM eCompany during his studies at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, where he graduated with a Master’s degree in Economics & Business. An intense passion for creating successful e-commerce solutions led him to ISM, now valantic Netherlands. “Actually, it was almost a foregone conclusion that I’d join one of the big accounting firms after my studies, but I followed my heart and chose ISM eCompany. The pioneering spirit there attracted me enormously,” Niek recalls. Striving to be the best, working as a team to achieve a common goal, and, in particular, collectively celebrating our successes – this is the culture he cherishes.

Living and breathing these leadership principles, Niek led his company to become the digital commerce specialist in the Netherlands, covering the entire lifecycle from consulting, digital commerce strategy and webshop design to implementation and online marketing. In 2011, he was elected to the company’s executive board. But don’t expect Niek to be hidden away somewhere in a corner office. If colleagues have a great idea, they can just come by on a whim, and have a cup of coffee with him and talk things through.

“Achieving results for our customers comes first. Most important of all for me is that all our colleagues have an emotional attachment to valantic: that they identify opportunities and feel involved. With us, people have a lot of autonomy to do what they think is right; this drive is deeply rooted in our DNA,” Niek explains.

“We have a success corner in the office, a stage with two confetti cannons on it, which I built myself six years ago. If we have a success to celebrate, we press the button and BAM! The confetti shoots out. I’m sure that now, as part of the valantic family, this will continue to happen frequently,” Niek is convinced.