José Chéu

Managing Director, valantic Division SAP Services

José Chéu, Managing Director, valantic Division SAP Services

We aim to work and be perceived as Agile and Flexible all the time.

What motivates you?

I’ve found that I’m driven by this spirit that motivates me every day to do as best as I can. Not only for myself but also for the benefit of valantic and what we are all building together. This idea that we’re all working towards a common goal really makes me want to achieve greatness as a team.

What distinguishes valantic from other consulting firms? 

  • The most important and relevant value for me is respect;
  • Our “Culture of Cultures” that resonates with the entire company;
  • Honesty, integrity, and justice towards our colleagues, our customers, our investors, and our environment.

What are your responsibilities at valantic?

I’m currently the Delivery & Operations Managing Director at SAP Division in Portugal with the overall responsibility of project delivery in terms of quality and client satisfaction.

What are you on fire for?

I look forward to being part of the valantic family and working with all my new colleagues on a united front: one team, one division, and one company. This newfound spirit motivates me every day to give the best of myself for the benefit of the company.

What are you focusing on at valantic?

My focus at valantic is delivering quality services to our clients, while also valuing profitability and respect. As you know, one of our goals is to drive our customers to marvel and say “wow” due to the excellence of the service that we deliver.

What makes valantic special for you?

What makes valantic special is a very simple thing that is extremely hard to find: the right balance between personal and professional lives. Here there is a constant focus on balancing the client’s satisfaction and the employees’ needs. The personal lives of valantic’s employees are seen as a priority and just as important as their professional performance.

Why do you love working at valantic?

This one is easy. Valantic is one of the most respected digital solutions and consulting brands in Europe, that combines technical skills with industry knowledge and a human approach, the perfect match to serve our clients. Its values are the standout factor in the field of consulting: what we think, is in fact what we say and what we do.

What did you do before joining valantic?

I have a degree in Information Systems Management from Universidade do Minho and recently completed a Senior Management Program for Companies at AESE Business School. I began my professional career as a consultant at Accenture but most of my career was in Deloitte. Finally, when I joined Abaco Consulting, I started as Global Support Director and, more recently, became the Operations & Delivery Director.