Fast-moving trends and seasonal lines under control

Custom-tailored SAP solution for fashion retail

Nothing is as fast paced as fashion. In the fashion trade and for verticalized manufacturers in the lifestyle sector, it is crucial to place goods in the right sales channel at the right time, at the right price – and to do so as efficiently as possible.

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Our SAP solution valantic cs4Fashion creates the prerequisites for this: End-to-end integrated business processes along the value chain and seamlessly networked sales channels. Companies in the fashion retail sector receive an all-round view of their customers and are ideally positioned for successful omnichannel business.

valantic cs4Fashion

The highlights at a glance

End-to-end processes

Pre-configured end-to-end processes for networked sales channels, purchasing phases, and communication channels, as well as for the connection of POS systems

Stable software base

Stable software base with SAP S/4HANA for Fashion and Vertical Business; documentation: SAP Solution Manager

High ease of use

Very user-friendly and personalized thanks to user interfaces based on SAP Fiori

Closed circuit

Results from the operational business flow back into the planning and control of central processes in real time

Variant concepts

Variant concepts with up to three dimensions and clear handling

Flexible allocation run

Allocation run can be adjusted individually

Great degree of standardization

Facilitates data exchange, partner integration, and international expansion

Extras included

PIM, master data & analysis included thanks to integration with SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Customer Activity Repository (SAP CAR), and valantic cs4OmnichannelHub


Can be expanded as needed to include optimized warehouse logistics (Link zur Microsite cs4Warehouse) and detailed analyses based on SAP

Hans-Dieter Christ
Managing Director Commercial Areas, DEPOT – Gries Deco Company GmbH

”We spent a year searching intensively for the right solution and finally opted for cs4Fashion, since this system is largely tailored to our needs: We work like fashion retail does.“


Hans-Dieter Christ
Managing Director Commercial Areas, DEPOT – Gries Deco Company GmbH

”cs4Fashion covers more than 90% of our business processes.“

Bild von einer lächelnden Frau beim Shoppen | Unsere maßgeschneiderte SAP Lösung für Fashion Retail | cs4Fashion

SAP complete package for success in fashion retail

Tailored to fashion and lifestyle: valantic cs4Fashion supports retail companies and verticalized manufacturers with seasonal lines. Our solution based on SAP S/4HANA for Fashion and Vertical Business provides all core merchandise management functions and offers end-to-end fashion-specific processes as well as omnichannel scenarios. In addition, there is industry-optimized master data management and the possibility to shape organizational structures.

valantic cs4Fashion integrates users, information, and processes across systems and organizations. Suppliers, stores, and business partners in fashion retail are integrated seamlessly into business processes. This solution extends the existing process map to include new and adapted SAP S/4HANA functions and offers a comprehensive set of core processes: Article master, collective/variant articles, product lines, procurement, appointments, distribution of goods, order allocation, seasons, ancillary services, distribution curve, and production planning.

Person schaut auf Handy | Unsere maßgeschneiderte SAP Lösung für Fashion Retail | cs4Fashion

Seasonal business under control

Whether color, fit or size: valantic cs4Fashion helps companies with a clear, intuitive variant concept with up to three dimensions. Also possible: Precise sales planning with optimized distribution of goods to meet seasonal demands and keep up with short life cycles in fashion: The allocation run can be adapted individually and carried out according to the prioritization according to sales channels.

The underlying SAP HANA database makes it possible to implement future-oriented trading strategies. Thanks to in-memory technology, companies can create real-time analyses and forecasts and carry out tailored (inter)actions, such as sales and product line planning or replenishment planning for constantly available NOS (never out of stock) product lines. Thanks to integration with SAP CAR, they also receive a holistic 360-degree view of both their own organization and their customers.

Bild von einer Person, die ein Paket scannt | Unsere maßgeschneiderte SAP Lösung für Fashion Retail | cs4Fashion

Fit for internationalization

Companies gain additional competitive advantages thanks to the high degree of standardization of SAP software. Globally valid standards facilitate both direct data exchange with global manufacturers and suppliers as well as the integration of business partners and international expansion.

Omnichannel scenario: Order Online & Return to Shop

Omnichannel scenario: Order Online & Return to Shop | valantic cs4Fashion & cs4Commerce

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