How can someone change careers into SAP consulting?

Sofie Mink

June 6, 2023

Silvio Maushake, valantic

Silvio’s successful career change to IT

Silvio Maushake tells us about how he changed careers into the SAP world. From industrial mechanics to ABAP development to a management role at valantic in the AMS (Application Management Services) area.

Hello Silvio, please introduce yourself briefly.

Hey, my name is Silvio, I am 37 years old, and I live with my wife and two children in Würzburg. I have been working at valantic as Lead SAP AMS for a year.

You started in SAP consulting as a career-changer. Tell us what you did before.

I was already very interested in computers and IT when I was young, and my parents encouraged this interest. However, after school, I decided to take an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic due to the market situation at the time.
Shortly before my graduation, the company where I had done my apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to help in software development, as I had taught myself a bit of programming at home. After my apprenticeship, I was able to join the company’s development department – a great opportunity!
After a year, I left my job to start my military service. Subsequently, I was given the opportunity to complete a 5-month full-time course to become an SAP ABAP developer. Directly following the training, I found a suitable job in SAP consulting and took on more and more responsibility over time, including as a project manager and team lead.

What is your current role at valantic?

As Lead SAP AMS, I am responsible for a team of SAP support consultants; I am working on the topic of application management services at valantic together with management. As a support employee, the goal is to assist customers in the best possible way. You are constantly challenged and learning something new every day. This dynamic makes the job extremely interesting and varied for me.
The special thing about my position is that I have direct contact with customers, and I can help them solve their problems. I receive direct feedback and feel that my work is valuable to customers and makes a difference, which is extremely motivating.
In summary, my job at valantic gives me the opportunity to develop personally and professionally on a daily basis, to confront new challenges, and to influence customer satisfaction directly.

How would you advise people who are interested in becoming SAP support employees?

One of the most important prerequisites is a willingness to engage and learn new things every day. Another important factor is flexibility to go the extra mile and ensure that customers are satisfied. Support needs to be able to adapt quickly to different types of situations and handle unexpected customer requests. It’s also important that you are not afraid to ask “stupid” questions and give feedback to get help and expand your knowledge. With these basic prerequisites and a willingness to work hard and to develop continuously, you can change careers successfully.

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