Christmas 2020: valantic says thank you!

Heike Hunsmann

December 4, 2020

The valantic Christmas duo of Santa Claus and reindeer next to their sleigh with presents in front of a snowy white landscape

2020 was a challenge for all of us. The Corona pandemic kept and is keeping us all in suspense. We are truly missing contact with our friends and family members. In addition, there was stress due to closed schools and day care centers, shorter working hours, and even job loss. Neighbors and friends went into quarantine and needed to be supplied. And many of us found working from our home offices for such a long time very difficult, especially without the usual interaction with colleagues.

But while we at valantic have come through the crisis well thanks to our relatively crisis-proof IT focus and the fact that we were already used to working remotely, there were and are many people whose situation is much worse due to the economic and social cuts. We would like to help these people.

As a thank you to our customers and partners and to all helpers, big and small, who have done so much for their fellow humans in the Corona crisis, valantic would like to support several regional and national charitable organizations with Christmas donations with a total value of more than EUR 10.000.

We would like to tell you about a few of these in more detail. But before we do this, curtains up for our christmas wish!

Perhaps you would also like to support one organization or another! Then read more about the organizations that valantic supports with its Christmas donations.

Cologne: himmel & ääd – helps disadvantaged children and youths

Unfortunately, child poverty is increasing; up to 90 children visit the institution “himmel & ääd” in Cologne’s city center every day. Here, children are provided with a hot meal, they receive help with their homework and specific tutoring in German, math, and English. Vocational preparation is another specialty, as is help when searching for a training or internship position.

himmel & ääd gGmbH
Donation account: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN: DE38 3702 0500 0001 6047 01

Düsseldorf: Notgroschen für Senioren – everyday and emergency assistance

Approximately 9,000 seniors live on the poverty line in Düsseldorf – and the trend is rising. Many of them – in addition to possible care services – have to rely on assistance in their everyday lives, for example with cleaning the house, preparing hot meals, handling larger shopping trips or going to the doctor or government offices. However, many seniors can’t get the help they so urgently need – because they can’t pay for it since their pension is insufficient or they have only the guaranteed minimum pension. Notgroschen für Senioren helps needy retirees by providing them with EUR 120 per month for a year, to help them get this help in their everyday lives.

Bürgerstiftung Düsseldorf e.V.
Donation account: Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf
IBAN: DE56 3005 0110 1004 5508 00

Esslingen: Frauen helfen Frauen – against violence against children and women

The association “Frauen helfen Frauen” works to combat violence against women and children. It maintains a home for women, which offers women and their children affected by violence protection and a secure place to live. There, they receive support, advice, and assistance, and they can develop new perspectives for their own lives. In addition, “Frauen helfen Frauen” operates an advising office in Esslingen for women and children affected by violence. Friends, acquaintances, and relatives who are in contact with affected women and children and need information can also contact the association, as can specialists from various institutions.

Frauen helfen Frauen Esslingen e.V.
Donation account: Volksbank Mittlerer Neckar eG
IBAN : DE69 6129 0120 0151 7320 00

Munich: Kinder ohne Hunger- eat healthy, colorful food

With donated funds and activities, the association Kinder ohne Hunger initiates and supports food projects to make significant changes in daily nutrition. Thanks to the personal engagement of volunteers, they can reach children and youths and their families directly in small, clearly designed projects. The bandwidth of possible support ranges from advising about start-up help to a long-term cooperation. An important principle here is to support and accompany all projects intensively.

Kinder ohne Hunger e.V.
Donation account: Postbank München
IBAN: DE24 7001 0080 0808 001806

Munich: Haunersches Kinderspital – Help, Research, Heal

The Haunersches Kinderspital offers comprehensive support for newborns, children, and young people in all areas of pediatric medicine. In a patient and family-oriented environment, the team consisting of nursing and medical professionals, therapists, and diagnosticians focuses on the special needs of its small patients.

Haunersches Kinderspital
Account for donations: Stadtsparkasse München
IBAN: DE09 7015 0000 0907 1119 00

Böblingen: ARCHE Noah – support for severely ill children with breathing aids

This association helps severely ill children who cannot live at home. By financing special therapies; providing a family-like, child-appropriate place to live; and paying for other services that health insurance companies do not cover, these helpers want to make life easier and more colorful – for the children and their whole family.

Förderverein ARCHE Noah e.V.
Account for donations: Kreissparkasse Tübingen
IBAN: DE29 6415 0020 0002 8203 81

Frankfurt: Freunde der Arche Frankfurt – making children strong

Childhood poverty is an increasingly urgent topic in our society, one that greatly restricts the educational opportunities and thus also the future opportunities of the affected children. The goal of “the ark” is to work against these disadvantages.

Freunde der Arche Frankfurt e.V.
Account for donations: Commerzbank
IBAN: IBAN DE35 5004 0000 0313 2099 00

Magdeburg: Teddy-Wuensche – making the little wishes of severely ill children come true

The goal of Teddy-Wuensche e.V. is to make the wishes of severely ill children come true to the greatest extent possible. Making these wishes come true can help improve the children’s health since it provides the children with new courage and strength.

Teddy-Wuensche e.V.
Account for donations: Postbank
IBAN: DE44 4401 0046 0163 0664 68

Siegburg: Siegburger Tafel – distributing food instead of destroying it

The Siegburger Tafel collects food to provide daily hot meals in the Don-Bosco-Haus in Siegburg. Its offerings are directed at people who live at the poverty line, such as pensioners with low incomes, single parents, recipients of social services or addicts.

SKM – Katholischer Verein für soziale Dienste im Rhein-Sieg-Kreis e. V.
Account for donations: VR Bank Rhein Sieg eG
IBAN: DE41 3706 9520 4104 5190 20

Once again, valantic says: Thank you!

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