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Modern property management

Selling successfully to the Construction Industry

For long-term construction projects – regardless of whether new construction or renovation – product decisions are made at a very early stage of planning. Therefore, it is important for construction service providers and construction suppliers to place their services early on during the bidding.

But to whom should Sales speak? An overview of the complex network of relationships involved in a construction project is worth its weight in gold: developers, planners, construction supervisors, and architects – they are all contact people who can be crucial for a successful sale. However, these people frequently become known only in the course of the long life cycle of the property.

This is where property management begins: It offers sales a comprehensive view of all participants, of the life cycle of the property, of the trades and products involved. This modern cloud solution is an enhancement of “SAP Cloud for Sales” and it can also be used on the go by the sales force. This way, sales employees can detect relationships and use them for their own benefit. Furthermore, the technology provides a comprehensive overview of the current status of the property development and the sales potential.

Central data storage and a 360° view of the property with contact history, participants, and the management of documents allow Sales to exploit the property’s potential and cross-selling possibilities completely and thus taking advantage of additional sales opportunities.

Property Management is aimed at companies that manage properties in the long term, such as

  • Construction and construction service companies
  • Builders and building suppliers (building materials and trades)
  • Sanitary engineering, heating, and air conditioning companies
  • Service providers in property management (facility management)

The functions at a glance

Expanded master data maintenance

A significant advantage of this solution as compared to the SAP standard are the address recording and classification possibilities for properties. In addition to pure address data, Sales employees can also classify properties (e.g. as structural engineering, underground garage, hotel, etc.) or organize them hierarchically (e.g. by trade, expansion or renovation).

For a better overview, users can plan contacts directly for the property. This way, the contacts are documented via the contact history and they can be viewed at any time. Another feature is the corresponding partner-finding for the entry of address data. For evaluations and workflows, employees can fall back on this information and trace it.

System-spanning document flow integration

The solution uses documents from the back-end system (for example, SAP ECC or S/4 HANA) and links these to properties. In the CRM interface, quotations from the back-end system are displayed or retained if necessary. If the Sales employee wants to see the quotation, he just clicks the link. Thanks to the linking, the user can easily create relevant evaluations of properties and quotations. Follow-up documents are thus used cost-effectively without creating some of the complex functionalities in the CRM. The processes remain there where they belong.

Document management

The solution offers the opportunity to store documents digitally. Thus, participants always have access to current files, photos, and drawings of the property and they can cooperate across companies at any time. On request, a collaboration platform can also be integrated.

Planning and analysis functions

The valantic Property Management module offers extensive planning and analysis functions to support outside and inside sales:

• Product table for the planning of product group turnover and sales
• Support of the Sales team in property management and tracing via activity planner and graphic overviews
• Analysis of anticipated projects with SAP BW for better turnover and procurement planning
• Exploitation of potential in the project
• Planning of cross- and upselling potential thanks to structured entry

Among others, the solution answers these questions

  • In which construction projects is the architect with whom I am meeting today participating?
  • What construction projects will be completed in the near future?
  • Who is the top decision-maker and who from our company knows him?
  • In which property is our special product type used and how high are the anticipated sales?
  • What has changed since my last visit? Are there new plans, contact people or decision-makers?

Enjoy these advantages

Strategic instrument for sales, marketing, and management

Management and documentation of the property across its whole life cycle

Easy overview of all sales projects

360° view of construction projects and central data storage

Overview of sales potential

Based on SAP standard: expandable, upgradeable, and support-capable

Available on the go at any time via iOS and Android

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