The tactical miracle for small and midsize enterprises

Integrated Planning with SAP IBP for small and midsize enterprises

Lost sales, volatile sales markets, bottlenecks or an oversupply in production, high working capital, missing raw materials or components? These are all challenges that a large number of companies are currently facing. Are you one of them?

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Our valantic SAP IBP approach for medium-sized businesses is the solution for your planning questions:

  • Mapping of the S&OP process in industry-specific best practice templates and dashboards (plug-n-play)
  • Efficient project implementation within 3 months
  • Cooperative implementation and fast know-how transfer

The importance of integrated planning at the push of a button is omnipresent and requires a coordinated sales & operations planning process, an organization with strong implementation capabilities and a consistent IT infrastructure. The goal of integrated planning in the tactical area is to generate an S&OP plan that is coordinated and feasible by all stakeholders and to transfer it to the production and ERP system. The basis is a system-supported sales planning process that takes into account the sales history, future sales (customer orders, promotions, opportunities), recognizes demand patterns, generates an optimal statistical forecast and allocates the best possible forecast based on dynamic logics. You define the relevant restrictions for validating the “consensus demand”: bottleneck resources, storage facilities, purchase contracts or transport capacities. At the push of a button you receive feedback on the planned utilization. Using scenario and simulation technology, you can create decision bases, visualize them with SAP IBP Embedded Analytics and use them as a basis for your Executive S&OP Meetings.

You will benefit from our valantic best practice approach, our knowledge from numerous customer projects, SAP IBP standard functionalities as well as industry-specific processes and templates. This enables you to effectively and pragmatically implement SAP IBP in your company.

The requirements of small and midsize companies for integrated planning with SAP IBP

  • Mapping of Sales & Operations Planning as a continuous process, with system support and with the participation of all stakeholders
  • Increase in the planning accuracy of all input factors (key account, customers, statistical forecast, demand planner)

  • Maximize service levels through projected target inventory management

  • Adjustment of short-term and medium-term capacities to future demand

  • Avoidance of bottlenecks in production, disposition and operative purchasing

  • Long-term demand forecast to secure capacities and quotas with critical suppliers

  • Real-time capable planning model with a one HANA database
  • Simulation capabilities and scenarios and their monetary valuation

Our offer for your integrated planning with SAP IBP

Industry-specific reference models and processes with predefined templates & dashboards for a end2end process in Sales & Operations Planning

Technical mapping of the planning concept based on SAP IBP Best Practices

Fast project implementation within 3 months

Pragmatic & cooperative partnership for joint project success

Expert knowledge in the discrete manufacturing, food & beverage, automotive, mechanical & plant engineering and consumer goods industries

Your benefits

    • Integration of short-term demand changes for Make-to-Stock (MTS) & Make-to-Order (MTO) processes in planning and to ensure the service level towards the customer


    • Analysis, planning and adjustment of sales histories in the course of demand planning and system-based demand forecasting


    • Use of statistical forecast methods including best-fit for the forecast of irregular demand patterns


    • Projection of inventory trends and use of a bill of material explosion to derive raw material requirements


    • Creation of a feasible S&OP plan taking into account restrictions in production and purchasing


  • Simulation and creation of what-if scenarios when comparing demand & supply and deriving a feasible plan for end-to-end sales & operations planning

120 seconds with…

Fabian Stocker, Vice President S&OP of valantic

valantic is SAP Partner for SAP Integrated Business Planning. In an interview Fabian Stocker, Vice President S&OP of valantic explains, how integrated planning can succeed in the era of digital transformation. The success recipe there is and remains integrated process and SAP consulting including organization. SAP Integrated Business Planning supports all planning processes, from demand planning to sales and operations planning on through to capacity planning and the prioritization of customer orders.

Our offer in the area of SAP IBP

Picture of a screen with a screenshot of the SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) software

Webinar SAP IBP for small and midsize enterprises

The webinar will focus on a live demo of our approach to integrated end-to-end planning processes, tailored to the needs of small and midsize businesses.

Webinar SAP IBP for small and midsize enterprises
Image of a screen with diagrams and statistics, valantic Webinar SAP IBP for small and medium-sized businesses

Webinar on demand SAP IBP for small and midsize enterprises

In the webinar on demand the following questions will be answered: For which processes is SAP IBP used in mid-sized companies and what functional advantages does SAP IBP offer?

Webinar on demand SAP IBP for small and midsize enterprises

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