valantic Community Event in Frankfurt

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Consolidations, Interfaces and Mozzarella

In early November, valantic Financial Services Automation organised a community event in Germany’s financial centre. More than 50 representatives of different banks accepted the invitation and set the stage for an interesting evening. The main issues which will move the banking world in the coming months were addressed in numerous discussions between the participants. Amongst others, the keyword consolidation was often found: It is assumed that, also in the upcoming year, the banking network will be extended – if not on a national, then at least on a regional level. On that evening, some culinary merging took place, too. The chosen location, the Lella Mozzarella bar in the heart of Frankfurt, took care of the catering for the physical well-being and provided delicious snacks – of course the Italian soft cheese could not be missing.

In addition to the several topics, valantic also presented itself as leading software provider in the financial industry. Dietmar Jakal, CEO of the valantic Trading Solutions AG, personally welcomed the guests. valantic is one of the fastest growing digital solutions, consulting and software companies in the market and only recently celebrated a 20th anniversary at the Magdeburg location.

Trends such as cryptocurrencies were also discussed at the community event: for the representatives of well-known German bank institutions like the DZ Bank, DekaBank or Helaba, such aspects are only side issues not affecting the international securities trading. However, interfaces between the banks’ systems have become immensely important, as already performed consolidations show. In summary, it was a successful evening: between securities, bonds, mozzarella and Italian lifestyle, the representatives of the different institutions hold detailed conversations with the valantic team. All participants are looking forward to the next valantic community event.

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