Skill management: We’re investing in your future capabilities

Kathrin Schaaf

February 6, 2024

Guido Czampiel und Sabrina Albrecht, valantic

Sabrina and Guido explain how skill management helps colleagues to develop at valantic.

What is skill management?

Guido: “For me, it’s a matter of continuing to develop employees professionally, personally, and methodically in such a way that their knowledge is fit for the future, and they remain in demand. This includes not only professional but also interpersonal skills. It’s really important that our employees constantly acquire relevant knowledge that benefits both themselves, customers, and valantic. Through skill management, we ensure that this knowledge is used optimally and we also invest in our colleagues’ future.”

Sabrina: “For us, skill management means making our colleagues’ skills and talents visible. To do this, we compare our teams’ current skills with the skills that will be needed in the future. This continuous comparison between the present state of things and the future helps us to remain fit for the future as a company.”

Why is it important to make skills within the company visible?

Guido: “The goal is to gain clarity about what skills we have. Because if we know what we have, we can make the most of these skills.”

Sabrina: “For each of our colleagues, it’s important to give 100% to the customer. Clarity about who has which skills enables predictable and long-term development of each team member. With this, we systematically prevent skill gaps and ultimately ensure that our consultants are always well prepared for customer projects.”

How can colleagues continue developing their capabilities and skills at valantic?

Guido: “Our ‘decidalo’ tool, which serves as a knowledge base, allows employees to group their relevant knowledge into specific ‘skill trees.’ This tool helps project staffing find employees for projects and it provides an overview of all skills at the company. Employees can identify their existing skills and develop their skills in a targeted manner.”

Sabrina: “Our recently introduced ‘valantic Learning Hub’ and the ‘learning journeys’ offer a structured approach to the further development of our colleagues as an essential building block in our skill management.”

Many thanks to Sabrina and Guido for the interesting conversation.

Photo of a happy valantic CX employee participating in a customer experience workshop.

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