icubic becomes valantic trading solutions

René Lemme

November 10, 2017

Image of two silver animal figures, icubic becomes valantic Trading Solutions

icubic operates as of now under the name of valantic Trading Solutions AG

icubic AG has been part of the corporate merger initiated by the DABERO Service Group and operates as of now under the name of valantic Trading Solutions AG. With over 600 experts on 15 locations we belong to the fastest growing digital solutions and consulting companies on the market and provide you with customised solutions for current and future topics – in relation with our own software products as well as standard products or products without a specific product reference. Browse through our enlarged service and product portfolio and experience valantic.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions.

Our products, solutions and services

valantic delivers sophisticated IT solutions for the financial sector. valantic can provide products for all aspects of trading on electronic markets and platforms for all asset classes. It enables you to trade on various markets simultaneously using only one application.


iQbonds is valantic’s high-performance solution for electronic bond trading. Market making, bond pricing, as well as the connection to electronic markets, exchanges and data platforms (e.g. Reuters, Bloomberg, Eurex and MTS) are integrated into one application.


“Process automation” is iSettle’s key phrase. The booking of trades is a significant component in the trading room workflow. By using iSettle, the booking of repo, bond and FX trades can be automated.


iQderivatives enables efficient derivatives trading through the integration of derivatives pricing and quoting on electronic markets and information platforms. Exchanges, such as Xetra or Eurex, deliver the data required for the calculation of the derivative prices.

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