Spotlight on the talented herCAREER speaker Sandra Ruckmich of valantic

Kathrin Schaaf

November 3, 2023

Portrait von Sandra Ruckmich, valantic

We have 3 questions about “topics that move” for our speakers at herCAREER on October 12, 2023. Ready? Steady? Go!

Sandra, why did you choose consulting?

It’s the constant renewal through new use cases and the diversity that make consulting so dynamic and exciting. Although my roots are in marketing, the enthusiasm for developing custom-tailored solutions for our customers has drawn me into consulting. I appreciate the variety of consulting, especially because the points of contact vary by company.

What has helped you in your role as a consultant?

Just-ask-culture. In order to provide effective advice, it’s important to understand theories and use cases in the customer’s context. This allows us to identify the core of the problem quickly and to place it in an overall context. My academic career, especially my doctorate and experience in process analysis, was the key to this. The strong network and flat hierarchies at valantic combined with the great importance of cooperation, have been of enormous help to me.

Why are variety and diversity important in consulting?

In brief: Greater diversity produces more varied solutions. Companies are looking for advice, for an external perspective. This perspective becomes all the more valuable the more diverse it is. Diversity promotes different views and ideas and brings the indispensable neutral view from the outside.

Meet Sandra at #hercareer or connect with her directly here on LinkedIn.

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