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Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Strategic advising for the mechanical and plant engineering

Mechanical and plant engineering are exemplary industries in Europe. However, digitalization is forcing companies to face previously unsuspected challenges. In China and other parts of Asia, new markets and new competitors are springing up all over. Disruptive changes capture supply chains, as well as business and service models, customer-specific special solutions for products and services are becoming standard. New trends make it difficult to attract and retain customers profitably in the mechanical and plant engineering. Today’s customers also expect trend-setting and modern interaction possibilities in traditional industries. IoT (Internet of Things), smart factory, real-time monitoring, simulation, predictive maintenance – with the degree of networking and integration of products, customers are choosing innovative properties as the determining factor in making investment decisions. And companies are confronted with the task of digitalizing their own internal processes in management, sales, marketing, production, logistics, and service, making them more user-friendly, smarter and more efficient.

Process and IT support for Industrie 4.0

For mechanical and plant engineering companies that want to proceed proactively, valantic provides an extensive consulting and service portfolio for digitalization. Whether during the optimization of software-supported production and logistics processes; the making of data and simulation-based decisions about global production and delivery networks; consulting about lean production; or before making investments in flexible and real-time-capable ERP, CRM or SCM systems – with valantic you will find experts with industry experience who can assist your team capably on digitalization. For greater efficiency, agility, and flexibility, and for the long-term success of your company in a digitalized economy.

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