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Our office in Vienna is located in the vibrant Stuwerviertel district, nestled near Prater Stern. Its verdant streets and bustling ambiance, adorned with attractive cafés and restaurants, beckon you to spend relaxing lunch breaks together and partake in engaging after-work gatherings. Vienna transcends mere tradition; it is a pulsating hub both for creatives and connoisseurs alike. Beyond its renowned coffee house culture, the city tantalizes with a culinary landscape brimming both with classic delicacies and avant-garde taste sensations, calling out for exploration and indulgence.

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Our Office in Vienna


At valantic Vienna, you will find far more than just an inspiring workplace; you will discover a haven where warmth and professionalism converge seamlessly in our team. Whether engaging in friendly games of billiards or enjoying leisurely strolls along the lush streets of our neighborhood, we firmly believe that balance is the linchpin of success. Look forward not just to a committed team but also to a city that merges work and quality of life effortlessly into the fabric of everyday life.

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