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Our office is in the Sidol Factory, which is listed as a historic monument, in Cologne’s Braunsfeld quarter. It’s easy to reach with public transportation.

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Cologne is much more than a city, it’s a feeling, characterized by joie de vivre and tolerance.

You can experience this feeling everywhere: during the Cologne Carnival, when attending a 1. FC Köln soccer match or in everyday life. At the same time, you can feel how people who carry their city and the Cologne Cathedral in their hearts stick together.

We at valantic ERP Consulting are as cosmopolitan, down-to-earth, and communicative as the people of Cologne. We are people of various nationalities, with various qualifications, and various life experiences. Our team spirit shapes our pleasant working atmosphere.

As a team, we develop innovative ideas for our customers, thus contributing to everybody’s business success. However, we don’t just work together, we also like to party together. For example, we do this at our family summer festival, at the Cologne B2Run, and at our legendary Christmas parties.

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Square meters of space in a building designated a historic monument


Foosball table


Part-time dog


valantic Büro in Köln Image of a valantic cup under a coffee maker, office of valantic ERP Consulting in Cologne Flur im valantic Büro in Köln Image of the valantic ERP Consulting office in Cologne I mage of balloons in the valantic ERP Consulting office in Cologne Offener Raum im valantic Büro in Köln Aussenansicht des valantic Büros in Köln

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