Growing Together, Leading Together: valantic’s Approach to Long-term Leadership Development

Kathrin Schaaf

November 14, 2023

Anna Forestan, Antje Fließ, valantic

The valantic Leadership Development Days event was created nearly a year ago. Sabrina, our Chief People Officer, and Daiane, project manager for the Leadership Development Days, explain the underlying concepts.

Why are the Leadership Development Days important for valantic?

Sabrina: “As leaders, we remain learners, and as a rapidly growing organization, valantic is extremely dynamic, something that affects all of our colleagues. Leaders occupy a special role here, in that they must manage this development on their respective teams – their performance has the greatest effect on employee loyalty within a team.“

Daiane: “On the 2 days of this in-person event, our concern is to provide our colleagues with tools for playing their leadership roles with confidence and to allow them to incorporate new perspectives. The bandwidth of participants’ leadership experience, which ranges from 1 to 30+ years, is unbelievably fruitful here.”

What does leadership look like at valantic?

Sabrina: “We exemplify a culture of cultures. This means that there is more than just one leadership style. And because our company includes so many different personality types, we should also recognize differences in leadership. What unites us is the attitude that we will confront challenges with an entrepreneurial eye, fairly, together, and pragmatically.”

Daiane: “Leaders are change agents. They are especially credible if they have managed changes successfully themselves and if they can share such experiences in their environment. This is why leadership at valantic relies heavily on networking and trusting, collegial advising.”

What’s important to ensure that leadership can develop productively?

Sabrina: “If we really want to move something, responsibility is no longer solely the concern of individuals at the top; instead, it’s a question for everyone at the company. In a world of continuous change and decentralized decision-making, companies’ task is to encourage leadership qualities everywhere in the organization. It matters that everyone at valantic assumes responsibility.”

Thank you very much, Sabrina and Daiane for the great interview!

Photo of a happy valantic CX employee participating in a customer experience workshop.

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