valantic assists banks with outsourcing investigations

René Lemme

October 14, 2020

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For investigations and exceptions with valantic’s FinCase, banks have the choice: The software cannot only be operated on premise or in the cloud but can also be outsourced as Business Process as a Service (BPaaS). “In the course of the ongoing digialtization, we feel a growing need among banks to not only outsource the operation of a software as SaaS but also certain related standard processes. Like this, directives can be fulfilled more easily and the internal IT can be relieved, “said Dirk Vesper, Vice President Product Management and Financial Services at valantic. In addition to the operation of FinCase, a service provider can also take over the processing of investigation cases. For being able to inform the customer about the current processing status, it is possible for the employees in the bank to request the current status via a web interface at any time. 

Customisable standard 

The FinCase software solution provides an intuitive web interface as well as a process-oriented user guidance allowing banks to easily manage the increasing number of investigations in payment transactions. The processing and data repository take place centrally and the process automation comprises all workflows working according to SEPA, SWIFT, GPI, ISO 20022 or freely parametrisable rules. The smart integration in the bank’s application environment also includes gateways in order to use other data sources. This also applies to the BPaaS solution which is connected to the bank via a service module. Data transfer is tunnelled via VPN and thus completely safe.  

FinCase assists with individual digitalization strategy 

Within the payments and investigations process, banks have to run through a large number of process steps what – without appropriate software – would mean tremendous effort. FinCase already is a proven solution for processing exceptions and investigations ensuring a high level of automation. The ISO 20022 message standard is also supported. Thanks to the different implementation possibilities, banks are free to choose between the on-premise installation with operation in the own data centre, the outsourcing of FinCase as SaaS in the cloud or the full-service package whereby the processes are taken over by a service provider. “We offer a variety of possibilities to support the individual digitalization strategies of the banks and to meet the requirements according to their specific needs,” summarised Dirk Vesper, valantic Financial services Automation.

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