The future of learning: The new valantic Learning Hub as a central, interactive learning platform

Viktoria Kraft

February 1, 2024

Portrait von Heike Springmann, valantic

Hi Heike, it’s nice that you’re talking to us today. Please introduce yourself!

I’m Heike. I’ve been at valantic for more than 5 years. Originally, I started in the Sales division in regular customer management. I have managed the Learning team since 2020, more recently together with my Co-Head Nina.

I’m trained as a bookkeeper and have also been a sales manager for a publishing company. With my change to valantic, I changed industries and here, also the focus of my work. My own journey suggests some of the development possibilities that people have with us.

valantic also provides me with individual training. I’m currently studying personnel management and corporate learning at an online university.

Thank you for introducing yourself, Heike! Now let’s talk about the new valantic Learning Hub.

The Learning Hub offers access to more than 20,000 courses that are available in various digital formats. We use this wide variety of offerings to create role-based valantic learning journeys. This way, our employees can see right away which skills are important for their role and they have immediate access to the corresponding courses. They can select appropriate content for themselves in order to expand their capabilities.

What was the idea behind the valantic Learning Hub?

The new Learning Hub was created because we recognized that learning and the working world are always changing and we as a company have to react to this. Various external influences and changing conditions require that we give our colleagues the opportunity to adapt quickly to new requirements. Therefore, we decided to establish a digital learning environment at valantic.

How do you take account of various ways to learn on your team?

When compiling the content, we made sure to offer various formats in order to take the needs of people who learn in different ways into consideration. Employees can choose from among video courses, e-books, and audio books. These alone are not sufficient, however. That’s why we went still further and combined the contents with interactive learning formats such as peer learning, office hours, and bar camps.

What strategies do you pursue to keep improving your training offerings?

We certainly have a lot of ideas. A central question for us is how we can better support our colleagues with regard to self-directed learning in order to make it even more attractive and compatible with everyday life.

We’re continuing to expand the training offerings for our target groups. The focus is on the starters at valantic, so that their valantic onboarding journey will make their start at the company even easier. And there’s also new training content for our current employees and managers.

What is your team working especially intensively on now?

Since the Learning Hub is still quite new, we’re still working on its practical implementation. Our goal is not only to better incorporate the managers, but also to encourage employees to approach their supervisors actively in order to further their own training. This is especially relevant since both specialized know-how and people skills are extremely important in the consulting sector.

How do you incorporate the managers in this topic?

We’re working on actively engaging the managers in order to ensure that employees receive recognition and appreciation for the trainings they have completed. Furthermore, we would like to create awareness of the significance of training for the whole team. We would like to inspire interest in new tasks, but also encourage an open attitude toward mistakes in order to motivate our colleagues.

What have you observed since the introduction of the new Learning Hub?

I find the use of LinkedIn Learning to encourage people skills and current business topics such as GenAI and CyberSecurity especially exciting. People are especially interested in these topics.

We have also had outstanding experiences with user training for internal software tools and with our custom-tailored compliance trainings. Both contribute to improving the overall quality of our organization.

Can you tell us something about how all this aids early-career employees? What does the optimal use of the training opportunities early in one’s career look like?

Here I would especially like to emphasize the learning journeys I mentioned before. We would like to communicate security and show that valantic is very interested in the self-directed training of the team. Here, the offerings should remain open despite recommendations, especially in order to offer young people the opportunity to explore new areas. They can develop in various roles and also use the trainings for their own purposes.

That sounds great! Thank you for this informative interview about the valantic Learning Hub, Heike.

Photo of a happy valantic CX employee participating in a customer experience workshop.

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