SAP Analytics: A Journey into the World of Data

Picture of Sebastian Winter, Junior SAP Analytics Consultant at valantic in Hamburg

Sebastian Winter takes us along on his journey from holding a student job to a position as Junior SAP Analytics Consultant at valantic in Hamburg and he tells us what he finds particularly inspiring about his work.

Hello Sebastian, please introduce yourself briefly.

I took a student job at valantic in June 2020, and I am now employed as a Junior SAP Analytics Consultant. My focus is on data warehousing topics, i.e. data provision, preparation, and modeling. My two main topics are BW/4HANA and the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

How did you come to valantic?

Nothing felt very practical in my business information technology studies, so I applied for student jobs at various companies. My first impression of valantic was positive: I was valued as an applicant and treated as a peer from the start. The communication was different somehow. The very next day, my current boss contacted me and said that he was very interested in my application. In the phone call, he told me more and told me that I would need a complete overview of many topics and tools for the job. I watched videos and courses and quickly realized that I wanted to dive deeper into these topics. A week later, we talked again, and it was already clear then: I would have a job at valantic!

How did you get started and how was onboarding?

On my first day of work, I went right to a quarterly meeting. So I was able to get to know the whole team right away. The beginning was very exciting!

In general, I then worked on many topics independently. That was just right for me because I like to work independently. I was soon able to take on a lot of tasks, because our team was always there for me. So over time I got an overview of many data warehousing topics – and today I am still benefiting from this path.

How did your further development at valantic go?

In addition to my work as a student, I also wrote my Bachelor’s thesis at valantic. It was about data meshes as a data architecture paradigm. That suited my focus perfectly, both at work and at university. The collaboration was exactly as I imagined it to be. I worked independently and could rely on support from the team if I had questions.

I have been employed as a Junior Consultant since December 2021.

What do you particularly like about your current job?

What I love most is always learning new things. Learning new things, and, above all, benefiting from the training opportunities we have at valantic. For example, right now I am training for my BW/4HANA certification. I’m learning a lot about it, even when I’m not studying. It’s also exciting for me to work with my colleagues, listen, understand how they work, and observe how they deal with challenges. This will also help me solve problems in my work, or even just change my perspective.

What do you particularly like about valantic?

On the one hand, the flexibility. I liked that when I was in my student job, and even today I can still design my time as I see fit. On the other hand, the tasks. At valantic, you have many possibilities to shape what you’re doing and determine your career path. Especially when it comes to training.

valantic also maps the entire value chain. In projects, we work with colleagues from other valantic departments, and I can see beyond the scope of my own department.

Thank you very much for the conversation, Sebastian!

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