Professional Start in IT – My Training as an Information Specialist for Application Development at valantic

Image of Juri Hofmann, trainee information specialist for application development at valantic Customer Engagement and Commerce in Mannheim

Juri Hofmann is 18 years old and in his 1st year of training. He tells us what an information specialist for application development at valantic does and why he likes working at valantic.

How was your start at valantic?

I found out about valantic on a training platform in 2019 when I was looking for a training position. Since the position appealed to me and was exactly what I wanted to do, I applied, and I was pleased to be accepted.

The beginning was very cool; there was a ramp-up on the first days in which all the new employees participated. There we got to know the tools people are working with and our company culture was explained. After that, we got our MacBooks and we could get started. When I had questions, I was always able to approach my colleagues; they explained everything for me.

What do you do in your training?

In the beginning, I was assigned small tasks: With those, my colleagues wanted to check what knowledge I already had and where they needed to start with my training. I received a book about Java Spring (the framework with which the commerce team works). I was able to read my way into the subject and try out what I had read. I learned about the framework through learning by doing. To get to know JAVA a little better and close some gaps in my knowledge, I was also allowed to tackle some tasks with an experienced colleague. Finally, I received my own Java Spring project, which I’m still working on now. The task is to build an online casino. Every 2 weeks, I have a spring review with my trainers, where I explain how far I’ve come and where I still need help. If I have questions, of course I can also approach my colleagues even beyond the sprints.

What would you like to do after your traineeship is over?

At the start of my professional training, I considered a few options: One option is that I study computer science at the technical college after my training. After that, I would like to apply to valantic. The other option is that I remain at valantic after my training and work there as a developer. I really enjoy development; therefore, at the moment, I am tending toward the latter option. But I still have time to decide about this.

What do you especially like about valantic?

My colleagues are really friendly and nice. I’ve also made some friends. Once a week we stay in the office after work is done and play Dungeons & Dragons or sometimes we have a board game evening. However, what I like the most is that I can always ask my colleagues if I need help. They give me tips or help me solve a problem. That’s really cool.

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