Spotlight on the talented herCAREER speaker Yingtao Gu of valantic

Kathrin Schaaf

November 7, 2023

Portrait von Yingtao Gu, valantic

We have 3 questions about “topics that move” for our speakers at herCAREER on October 12, 2023. Ready? Steady? Go!

Yingtao, as managing consultant at valantic, what fascinates you about data?

Data doesn’t lie. People may deviate from the truth for various reasons, but data does not. When you want to gain insight into a project or business, data provides direct and valuable insights. This is invaluable for both companies and for us people.

How do you live out your passion for data at valantic?

In a nutshell: valantic encourages me to implement innovative ideas involving data for our customers. The support reaches so far that we can realize exciting topics such as #processMining and #machinelearning, as well as the combination of these two technologies. At valantic, the focus is really on people and the freedom for their ideas.

At herCAREER you will deliver a lecture on how to not lose your inner compass despite external difficulties. What exactly do you mean by “inner compass” and why is it so important not to lose this?

As a young Asian woman in the Bavarian business environment, this inner compass has kept me stable. It has helped me remain friendly, authentic, and professionally competent even when I found myself in challenging situations. In addition, my inner compass has encouraged me to maintain my self-confidence.

My message: Don’t let yourself be confused; show your competence and stay authentic. A first impression counts, especially in traditional environments. But with know-how and patience, you earn respect, even from people who are initially skeptical.

Meet Yingtao at #hercareer or connect with her directly here on LinkedIn.

Photo of a happy valantic CX employee participating in a customer experience workshop.

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