Digital SHero Yingtao – success in IT consulting thanks to charm and data

Cosima Sutmar

February 22, 2024

Yingtao Gu, valantic Digitalheldin

Welcome, Yingtao! It’s great that you’re here. Do you want to introduce yourself first?

My name is Yingtao and I’m originally from China. For some time now I have been living and working as a Managing Consultant at valantic in Munich. A colleague and I lead the process intelligence team there.

Can you briefly summarize what process intelligence is all about?

Process intelligence focuses on designing processes intelligently. There are three main areas: Process management, process analytics, and process automation.

You start with process management to get an overview of the process. Next comes the step where we analyze data, frequently with the help of process mining. Finally, we help our customers optimize and automate their processes. Technologies such as RPA or AI are often used for this.

What excites you about this topic?

First of all, the technology. It’s particularly exciting for me to apply technologies to use cases and questions and to be able to observe the resulting successes. Data-driven processes interest me particularly. Data can provide us with useful information if it is correctly processed and sorted. We can use this information to help companies design their processes better.

How did you become an IT consultant?

As a child, I was already very interested in computers and curious about technical topics. Since I was good at math in school, I studied mathematics first. Later, however, I switched to technology-oriented business, because I wanted something more practical. This led me through my first job at a consulting firm to the process mining world.

How did you start your career?

I was lucky to find my first job at an event and I was able to take responsibility quickly. My first employer, also a consulting company, introduced me to the process mining world. That world was still in its infancy at that time. Later I switched to valantic, where I feel very comfortable thanks to the family-like atmosphere.

In general, it quickly became clear to me that when it comes to the professional world, I feel comfortable in consulting, as I personally like to seek challenges. Daily life as a consultant, which can sometimes be stressful and hectic, actually makes me very happy, since it never gets boring.

What motivates you in your daily work?

Above all, working with my team and customers. Even if not every day is perfect, it’s a pleasure to collaborate on successful projects. Especially after a stressful project phase, when everyone, colleagues and our customer contacts alike, is working toward a common goal, the appreciation that I feel means a lot to me.

What attributes make you successful in your role?

My friendly demeanor often helps me, because especially in the IT sector, many people seem very serious and think and communicate in a fact-based fashion. I try to lighten things up with my cheerful manner. This often helps me when I’m working with

our customers. It’s also helpful to have my technical understanding and experience, which helps me to communicate with both the technical and business worlds.

What distinguishes you as a manager?

I try to lead empathetically and understand my employees’ needs in order to support and encourage them in the best possible way. I believe a manager should be supportive rather than demanding. In addition, I find it very important to listen to understand my team and identify strengths that I then consider.

Have you ever had any concerns as a woman in the IT industry?

No, I have never been deterred by stereotypes. Women play an important role in IT, and I encourage everyone not to let it stop them.

Do you have any tips for women who want to go into IT?

Trust yourself and stick to it! There are hurdles everywhere, but they make us stronger. So, make things easy and just leap into the cold water. The IT industry offers many different opportunities for women to advance their careers.

And last but not least, what’s your slogan as a Digital SHero?

Don’t think too much, just get started!

Many thanks, Yingtao, for the motivating words and exciting insights into your journey as a Digital SHero! We’re curious to see where your path will take you from here.

Photo of a happy valantic CX employee participating in a customer experience workshop.

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