Stephan Siller

Managing Director, valantic Division Customer Experience

Stephan Siller, Managing Director, valantic Division CX

“For me, working with customers and colleagues as equals, trustworthiness at the highest level, and open communication are the cornerstones of long-lasting and successful relationships."

What are you passionate about?

Being a reliable partner for digital projects has always been paramount to me. We aim to offer competent, holistic support consistently aligned with our customers’ needs. Our full-service approach – consisting of consulting, UX/UI design, custom programming, content production and optimization, and digital marketing – lets us passionately achieve just that.

What are your main areas of work at valantic?

Throughout my career at valantic, from project manager to COO, operational processes have consistently been the focus of my work. For the most part, I shared responsibility for shaping these processes during the company’s strong growth phase. As Managing Director, I concentrate on the company’s strategic direction and work closely with our dedicated team,  ensuring we provide nothing less than top-tier services to our customers.

What makes valantic so special for you?

At valantic, partnerships built on equality are more than just words, but put into practice – both in our customer relationships and dynamic team. Especially during periods of growth, it is crucial to uphold our values. valantic excels in this by continuously evolving while remaining true to our core principles.

What did you do before starting at valantic?

My professional journey began with training at the Klessheim School of Tourism, followed by part-time studies in “Development and Management of Tourism Offers” at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. From the outset, people have always been central to everything I do.

During my time in digital marketing at Tourismus Salzburg GmbH, I worked on a joint project with elements, during which I switched to the agency as project manager in 2010. In 2014 I was promoted to Chief Operating Officer and have been an executive board member since January 2024.