Philipp Wachter

Partner & Managing Director, valantic Division Digital Strategy & Analytics

Philipp Wachter, valantic Partner, Division Digital Strategy & Analytics

Philipp Wachter is a valued C-level sparring partner for strategic and organizational issues. His credo: "When it comes to entrepreneurship, nothing is as constant as change. In strategic and entrepreneurial discourse, we find the best answers to it."

What distinguishes valantic from other consulting firms?

Many of today’s valantic partners – myself included – are entrepreneurs and have successfully built consulting and service businesses before we all came together at valantic. This is unique in the consulting landscape and leads to much more direct, experience-based and customer-centric consulting. The discourse of opinions that ensues when challenges arise is fertile ground for the best solution in each case.

What are your responsibilities at valantic?

I do what I do best: I help to successfully grow the organization and the valantic-idea while focusing the business fully on customer benefits. Specifically, I take care of overarching internal and external projects related to the integration and growth of our Digital Strategy & Analytics Division, which also includes the management consultancy I founded, wdp GmbH.

What are you on fire for?

My passion is to encourage and challenge people to think and act like true entrepreneurs and to achieve success together as a team. I love it when everyone knows and masters their position – like in a perfect soccer match – , and yet is fully involved in the game, even outside of their position.

What did you do before joining valantic?

I have built up and led several and very different companies within the framework of digital business models. In the process, I was able to gain profound personal and entrepreneurial experience and learned a lot about people, change processes and digital transformation. I am pleased that my business partners can benefit from this knowledge and experience today.