Oliver Kraft

Partner & Managing Director, valantic Division Customer Experience

Oliver Kraft, Managing Director, Division Customer Experience

"I am truly passionate about collaborating with our teams and customers to create exceptional user experiences and seamlessly integrated end-to-end processes, ultimately empowering our clients to thrive in today's digital landscape.“

What are you on fire for?

I am excited by the power and adaptability of the technical solutions we employ, and how quickly top-notch solutions can be composed, delivering value to our clients and to their customers in their everyday lives:

Modern headless and API-driven solutions enable us to build responsive, intuitive, and visually appealing frontends that make navigation and product discovery a breeze. Microservices provide unmatched flexibility, adapting to unique business needs. Effortlessly create and manage large product catalogs with PIM/MDM system integration. A robust CRM system provides a complete view of customers’ preferences and data. Modern APIs make integrating with other systems like ERP, logistics, and accounting a breeze. Cloud capabilities are the key to improved security and maintenance, optimized TCO, and fast ROI.

What are you focusing on at valantic?

As Managing Director of valantic CEC, my primary accountability are the operations of our business areas, Spryker, Shopware, CRE, and QA. My role also involves managing and coordinating our near- and offshore activities and PIM and Magento Competentence Centers.

Why do you love working at valantic?

I fully support valantic’s mission and am convinced that we can best support this mission by acting as oneTEAM and creating sustainable value for customers, society, the environment, employees and our shareholders.

What did you do before joining valantic?

Before joining valantic, I started my own business in the late 1990s, building ecommerce solutions with my international team for our clients. When I discovered valantic in 2019, I immediately recognized a strong alignment in our company values. The entrepreneurial spirit within valantic made it the perfect partner and new home for my team and me to continue our journey of innovation and growth.

What is important for you in your private life?

In my private life, the spotlight shines on family. As a devoted husband and father to our two kids, the quality moments we share are priceless. I also have a knack for DIY projects, enjoying the hands-on creativity they require. When not at home or in the office, you’ll likely find me biking or hiking through the scenic forests of my hometown, Siegen. These activities serve as both a physical challenge and a mental escape, offering a vital balance to my professional world. They’re not just hobbies; they’re essential parts of what keeps me grounded, energized, and focused.