Nuno Figueiredo

Managing Director, valantic Division SAP Services

Nuno Figueiredo, Managing Director, valantic Division SAP Services

We Build relationships as a core capability

“Our main objective is to articulate people and open the way for them to do better, focusing on a purpose, listening and involving them in the organization’s decisions. All Abaco employees feel that they are part of building something bigger. These values are transmitted to all stakeholders.”

What motivates you?

At work, what motivates me above all else is to be able to see my team’s effort reflected in the company’s growth. This way, we can see the results of our labour and evaluate if we are heading in the right direction.

What distinguishes valantic from other consulting firms? 

  • The fast growth pace
  • Respect for everyone’s, especially new employees, culture
  • The excellent people spread out through all areas of the company

What are your responsibilities at valantic?

My main responsibilities at valantic are as Managing Director, with a direct impact in Sales & Marketing. I oversee these functions within the organization, with the primary goal of developing and executing strategies that drive revenue growth, enhance brand awareness, and expand market share.

What are you on fire for?

Anyone who’s joining a company like valantic knows that teamwork is one of the most exciting parts. It’s, without a doubt, one of the most important principles in our company. Without the support of our colleagues, everything becomes increasingly difficult, and at times impossible, to evolve and achieve success.

What are you focusing on at valantic?

My focus is always on sales, but currently, I am also working on building a stronger relationship, based on cooperation principles, between Abaco and international SAP projects.

What makes valantic special for you?

It’s a special time for us because valantic represents a challenge that will allow our company to grow. New adventures are essential because they encourage us to leave our comfort zone and grow as professionals, yes, but most importantly as people. I have no doubt that valantic will help me improve, in every way, especially through teamwork.

Why do you love working at valantic?

At valantic there is this amazing feeling of cooperation, like everyone is rowing in the same direction, despite our different business areas and cultures. All employees that work for valantic are aiming for the top.

What did you do before joining valantic?

I started my professional career in 1998 as a trainee at Siemens and later joined Tecnidata as an ABAP Consultant. Later, in 2002, I entered the sales department of AcePlus, and in 2003, the same department at Case Edinfor. Afterward, in the summer of 2004, I joined Abaco Consulting, where I still am today. At Abaco, I helped create the company for 19 years and I’ve been focusing on its growth, mostly through sales.