João Moreira

Partner & Managing Director, valantic Division SAP Services

João Moreira, Partner & Managing Director, valantic Division SAP Services

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What motivates you?

What motivates me to wake up early every morning is knowing that I will be a part of the transformation journey of our clients and, at the same time, also improve my technical skills. But above all else, I know that I will learn something new every day from these experiences. A company like valantic, besides helping us grow professionally, also helps us evolve as human beings.

What distinguishes valantic from other consulting firms? / valantic in three sentences.

• A company of “Culture of Cultures”;
• A company that is driven to deliver premium quality;
• A company with a strong entrepreneurial spirit;

What are your responsibilities at valantic?

My responsibilities at valantic include being the Managing Director of valantic Business Technology (former Abaco Consulting) and Board Director of the SAP Division, through the role of Operational Performance.

What are you on fire for?

I am motivated by the idea of partaking in international projects with multicultural teams, and people from different countries, and cultures. With this mindset, we can look at valantic as a “global village”, because even though we are all spread worldwide, we feel very close to each other, and different perspectives allow us to achieve success.

What are you focusing on at valantic?

My focus at valantic is finding the best practices in each CC and sharing them with everyone to improve our overall performance.

What makes valantic special for you?

valantic is a special company to anyone that works here. Personally, what makes it special is the respect that is felt around the company. Respect is always present in our thoughts, conversations, and actions at valantic. We make sure everyone feels like they’re secure and appreciated, from trainees to the most experienced employees.

Why do you love working at valantic?
I love working at valantic because it’s such a unique feeling that only the people who work here understand it. However, if I had to say, I’d highlight the positive energy and ambition that we all demonstrate when we challenge ourselves and how we all continue to grow at a very fast pace.

What did you do before joining valantic?
I started my professional career in 1992 as a tax and accounting consultant for Tate & Lyle, specifically, reporting to the UK headquarters. Then I moved on to working at Solsuni, first as Financial Controller and then rising to Internal Sales, Account Executive, and Telco Industry Sales Manager. I was also the founder and Sales Director of WhatEverNet Computing, S.A. from 1997 until its merger with Pararede, S.A. in 2005. Later on, I was Executive Board Director, COO of Pararede, S.A., a company listed on the Lisbon Stock Exchange. Besides this, I also participated in the acquisition of several companies and in the merger project with the company Consiste, where I became Executive Board Director of the new company – Glintt, SA. Lastly, in 2010 I joined valantic Business Technology (former Abaco Consulting), where I am a Managing Director, a role that I perform until today.