Joachim Lauterbach

Partner & Managing Director, valantic Division Financial Services Automation

Joachim Lauterbach, valantic Partner & Managing Director, Division Financial Services Automation

Change Connoisseur, and always in search for the best possible connection between today and tomorrow

Digital Transformation! What does it really mean for you or your company? Is there actually one response to that question? Or is our world today so dominated by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, so that standard answers might not get you to the finish line? Is Digital Transformation the digitalization of processes? Or does it mean we need a mobile-first strategy; a migration of applications into the cloud; or rather a new customer-centric-derived business model? Or is the question how to become attractive to new employees of Generation Y? Is it cooperating with tech-start-ups, the individualisation of products and services, is it design thinking, rapid prototyping and minimum viable products, or how to get agile with scrum and kanban? Or is the central question rather how I safeguard the existing while pursuing the new and combining both, as smartly as possible, into a new whole?

Joachim Lauterbach has for many years concerned himself with such questions, both as a consultant and as a manager. He himself is transformation-tested and -proven, and together with the colleagues of valantic, always in search for the right questions and answers for his customers.

Prior to joining valantic, Joachim was the CEO of IDMS AG, a global forerunner in the digitalization of investment advisory and securities trading. Prior to that, he was the CEO of Computer Science Corporation (CSC, now DXC) for Central and Eastern Europe, and held various executive positions of listed and non-listed multinational tech-companies.