Fabian Stocker

Partner & Managing Director, valantic Division SAP Services

Fabian Stocker, valantic Partner & Managing Director, Division SAP Services

Transformation of Planning Processes with S/4HANA Technology

How can a company’s global network be mapped, planning conflicts visualized and solved comprehensively in SAP? Fabian Stocker has been trying to answer this question since the beginning of his career and he has the answers.

“For many years, I’ve been optimizing our customers’ planning concepts, taking into account their organization and processes and working to implement these with SAP products. Precisely in volatile markets, integrated processes help us understand more quickly which effects market changes have on a single own company and the supply chain. Integrated and harmonized planning processes are the goal, so my team and I try to prevent breaks between our customers’ planning areas and improve the quality and speed of planning. On the one hand, our focal point is sales & operations planning, taking into consideration the interfaces to financial and sales planning; on the other hand there is the operative planning. For this, with S/4HANA and the associated cloud products, we use current standards and work very closely with our partner SAP.
These innovative and demanding projects inspire me and my team, and we would like to pass along this inspiration for end-2-end solution concepts to our customers and thus help them with their transformation to the digital world,” says Fabian Stocker, valantic Partner and Chairman for Supply Chain Excellence.

Fabian Stocker began his career in industry, where he gained practical experience in the planning sector. After a few years, he joined Wassermann AG (now valantic) and expanded his expertise in process and SAP consulting with numerous consulting projects. Since 2015, as Vice President, he has worked constantly to develop his sales & operations planning team, including interfaces to strategic and operative planning.

Fabian Stocker studied at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and graduated with a degree in business administration.