Dr. Peer Schwieren

Partner & Managing Director, valantic Division Digital Strategy & Analytics

Peer Schwieren, Partner & Managing Director, valantic

The Data Miner!

What does a digitalization strategy for our company look like? What are the sales and profit contribution per business area? And which system can I use to plan these reliably? Which customer will probably cancel in the next year? Which of my marketing campaigns are successful? How can I calculate personnel costs for the coming years?”

These and similar questions from our customers are very different with respect to complexity, horizon, and the methods and systems to be employed. Yet they have one thing in common: A high-quality database that can be assessed is crucial; in the best case, it should fill itself automatically and be adaptable flexibly according to needs. Using methods and systems from data warehousing, data mining, and predictive analytics, as well as machine learning, we have frequently succeeded in creating sustainable systems that can be used to create values from data for those participating. This excites me anew every day and motivates my consulting and service provision.

Dr. Peer Schwieren is a partner at valantic GmbH, as well as the founder and Managing Director of valantic Business Analytics GmbH in Hamburg. His experience is based on many years’ employment as a consultant.

Dr. Peer Schwieren completed his studies and received his doctoral degree from the Institute for Econometrics and Business Statistics at the Wilhelms University in Münster.